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Welcome to my testimonials page. Here you can read comments from my clients.

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Name: Nicola Murray
Location: Scotland
When: Fri 4th Mar 2022

Open QuoteI have completed EFT levels one and two with Sejual and I am now in the process of working towards my accreditation. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sejual if you are considering training in EFT. The class size was small and each session was tailored to the level and interests of the group which meant we learnt a huge amount in a short space of time. I'm someone who likes to ask lots of questions during training programmes, Sejual is incredibly knowledgeable and answered everything with ease and patience. I look forward to doing more courses with her in the future! Close Quote


Name: Kathy Coleman
Location: Gloucestershire
When: Tue 22nd Feb 2022

Open QuoteI first started working with Sejual last year when I wanted some 1-2-1 mentoring to get my EFT coaching business back on track. I found Sejual to be empathetic, intuitive and inspirational and have continued my journey with her by completing my EFT level 3 training and the Business Energetics and Energy of Groups courses with her.

Through this journey Sejual has helped me gain great clarity on who I am, what I want to offer to the world and how I can best do that through my business. I feel like every day I connect more closely with the authentic me - letting go of my limiting beliefs and the fear and self-doubt they generate.

I am more content, more able to trust in myself and more accepting that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and all will be well. I am learning not to push and force but to explore opportunities with curiosity and excitement and with an expectation that things will work out for the best.

Sejual provides an incredibly safe space in which her clients feel supported and inspired. A place where miracles can truly happen. She has a gentle assuredness which makes it easy to follow her to places where you might not venture on your own but which bring astonishing results. I always look forward to working with Sejual - my previous experiences of EFT training with another provider were not so positive and so finding Sejual has been a complete delight. I am very grateful to her and can't recommend her highly enough.
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Name: Agathe Estramon
Location: France
When: Tue 28th Dec 2021

Open QuoteWhen I think of the journey Sejual has expertly guided me through, I feel deeply grateful. Sejual has helped me secure a position with a prestigious company that I wanted with so much ease, and has also given me many tools to navigate what lies ahead for me. Through our meaningful & profound EFT sessions, I have been able to better understand my emotions/belief-system and their impact on both my day-to-day and long-term aspirations. Sejual has an incredible gift for coaching, and will gently but firmly guide you with questions and remarks that are always exactly on point. She will not let you waste your time during sessions (that's "firmly"!) yet will always listen intently and carefully, to guide you as best she knows how. I have felt comfortable opening up about professional and personal topics from the first minute of the first session. From then on and until our last call a few months later, every session has been a special, serene and bright moment in the week.

I don't think I could have made a better choice of coach. Effective, kind, business-oriented. I am deeply grateful for our work and for the shift in perspective I achieved thanks to Sejual's expertise. Thanks for everything!
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Name: Tash Alexander
Location: Australia
When: Fri 22nd Oct 2021

Open QuoteI am Tash Alexander from The Tapping Room. I am based in Australia and completed my Advanced Practitioner training with Sejual. I simply loved it! She kept the group small, so I felt heard and the training could be individualised.

Sejual has a kind and gentle energetic approach and I feel I really could connect with her style. I've been surprised by much I can now trust my intuition in my practice. In the level 3, I learnt equally about myself as I did techniques. There are a lot of subtleties that take your EFT and outcomes to the next level.

Sejual is able to make the time difference work for me and I am going to continue to mentored by her and am planning future training.

I really admire the fluidity of her coaching style, the feedback I received to improve my practice and her presence.
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Name: Monique P
Location: Switzerland
When: Sun 17th Oct 2021

Open QuoteI first contacted Sejual because I wanted to work on having more flow in my business.

I ended up starting my sessions earlier than planned due to a bad sciatica flare up.

I work with EFT myself, so I know how effective it is on physical issues as well. At that point in my life I needed an outside point of view, and Sejual was the perfect person to turn to. She is very empathetic and intuitive. Together we worked on letting go of emotions that were holding me back in business and troubling my health.

Today I am 100% free of the sciatica, and have also attracted a high ticket client out of the blue. I highly recommend Sejual for her experience, expertise and gentle approach.
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Name: Arty Amarisa
Location: West Midlands, UK
When: Wed 6th Oct 2021

Open QuoteI recently attended Sejual's Energy of Hosting Successful Groups workshop series. I really enjoyed Sejual sharing her wisdom and expertise. I can't wait to implement what I have learnt and empower others. Sejual makes it seem effortless and is such a natural at holding a safe space. Thank you so much. If you are thinking of hosting a group session, this is the course to register on, both for your own self development and to help others. Close Quote


Name: Talor
Location: Hertfordshire, UK
When: Mon 16th Aug 2021

Open QuoteI had no idea what to expect before I started working with Sejual, but I am so grateful I followed my intuition and booked some sessions with her. I was experiencing emotional distress which felt out of proportion to the triggering situation(s), and I wanted help to understand and work through this.

Our sessions helped me understand myself and my emotional reactions so much better. After our sessions I was able to navigate emotional situations with much more ease and grace than before - it's like the same situations just didn't hit as hard - it was (and remains) such a relief. I can't explain how it worked, but it just did. I was amazed at the clarity it gave me, and by how incredibly intuitive Sejual was, she knew exactly what I needed, and I felt incredibly safe and supported whilst working with her.
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Name: Stephanie Wood
Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
When: Fri 18th Jun 2021

Open QuoteI took Sejual's Business Energetics course without having any expectations. I knew she was doing something really different in there, and was very curious about it.

While I went in with somewhat vague issues to look at, I can say that over the course of the 9 weeks that we worked in the group, a lot happened.

I actually manifested an invitation to offer ongoing EFT facilitation to a group run by a very successful therapist at a rate that broke through my own inner glass income ceiling, and it transpired with ease.

I also seemed to be able to 'get over myself' enough to finally work with my team to nearly complete a sales page for a product launch on which I've been working for some time.

The group dynamic was wonderful and I can only imagine that Sejual's skill and natural ability to draw the right people at the right time happens consistently.

Sejual has such an earnest, deep, gentle, highly intuitive way about her that comes through with every interaction. I feel so grateful to have worked with her.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to get through some of their business blocks! Close Quote


Name: Alison Devine
Location: Essex, UK
When: Tue 15th Jun 2021

Open QuoteI've just completed Sejual's Business Energetics course and can honestly say its surpassed all of my expectations.

I have trained with Sejual with EFT Level 1 and I am coming to the point of handing in my coursework for my level 2 to her. This had started to bring up some doubts and anxiety in me about how I was going to move forward after qualifying. The thought of having my own business was feeling a bit overwhelming. I decided to join the Business Energetics Course to see if it could possibly help me?

I went into the course with an open mind not really knowing what to expect. The course is a combination of Family Constellations, EFT and energy work, an interesting combination that I was keen to see how it all worked together.

The course was beautifully put together and Sejual brought her usual grace, knowledge and gentleness to the group. She provided us with a very safe space to be able to fully open up, be vulnerable and work through our blocks. I usually find it very difficult to show emotion and be fully vulnerable in front of others but the energy felt so safe and supportive even I was able to fully let go and thus gain so much.

I found the constellations part worked so wonderfully with the EFT to the point where I would like to work that way every time now!

I gained so many insights from this course and cleared so much of what has been holding me back that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. Close Quote


Name: Lareen Newman
Location: Adelaide, Australia
When: Fri 5th Feb 2021

Open QuoteWhen I first saw the ad for Sejual's Business Energetics course, something drew me to it. I'd left my "day-job" six months previously to expand my Stress-Release Business for academic and professional women. In expanding, I really wanted my business to be driven by my core values, and not by profit or fancy marketing approaches (which are what most business development courses seem to focus on). Each week with Sejual we delved into the RELATIONSHIP we each have with our business, and how we FEEL about where our business is at and where's it going. That was really helpful at the time, and also now several months later I can still feel the transformative reverberations of the course, and am still using the technique we learned to get ongoing change. If you're looking for something different, I strongly recommend this course. Sejual is really caring, supportive, knowledgeable, intuitive, and fabulously experienced. I'm already looking forward to doing another course with her!" Close Quote

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