Here you can find out information on forthcoming workshops and events led by Sejual. This includes dates for EFT, Business Energetics and Reiki training in Hertfordshire.

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Online Business Energetics Workshop, Online £300

Tue 29 Jun to Tue 03 Aug 2021

Back in 2009 I co-developed a tool that combines EFT with Family Constellations principles for business issues. It's a deep-thinking energetic approach that draws on the wisdom of our ancestors to allow for transformation of our thoughts and beliefs to then allow for more of what we desire in our work.

EFT Level 1 - Online £275

Thu 09 to Thu 30 Sep 2021

This is a practical and fun course for beginners. It will enable you to start developing ways in which to help yourself with your tapping. The course is with an EFTi approved trainer.

EFT Masterclass - The Energy of Hosting Successful Groups, Online £140

Mon 13 Sep to Mon 04 Oct 2021

Group work with EFT can be highly effective in delivering magical results for those attending. It's empowering to witness others' growth. At the same time you receive friendly support from those on the journey with you. The things others say can spark off useful trains of thought in your own healing. In essence we're talking about developing an experience that nurtures each person participating and allows for enriching outcomes.

EFT Level 2 - Online - Practitioner £275

Thu 07 to Thu 28 Oct 2021

Take your skills to the next level! Now you're having fun with EFT and getting great results at times. But other times you may be feeling lost in the emotional forest. You are perhaps wondering where to start, which 'trees' to target, and which approach is best to use.

EFT Level 3 - Online - Adv. Practitioner £375

Fri 05 Nov to Fri 10 Dec 2021

This advanced EFT course is intended to help you deepen your skill in tapping, with both a professional and personal focus.

EFT Online Group Mentoring,
1 day
Contact me to arrange dates, £35

As we continue to learn, develop our skill we have more to offer our clients. Group Mentoring is a way to do this in an affordable group setting. You will More...

Please contact me to book a one to one session or to reserve a place on a workshop with me.