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Business Energetics

Handling difficult business decisions

How do you handle a tricky business decision?  You can draw on past experience, but this might lead to a repeat of old mistakes.  You could ask others for their counsel, but no one can decide what's best for you.  And how on earth do you bring in the values and integrity that is a key part of your vision for your career?

These types of questions led Sejual and American colleague Paul Zelizer in 2009 to co-create a mindfulness tool for business and careers that draws on the wisdom inside a person to guide them forward.  This tool is like an onboard navigation system, that easily guides you to the next and subsequent steps to develop your work authentically. 

What is Business Energetics?

Business Energetics is a combination of EFT and inspiration drawn from German psychotherapy tool called Family Constellations.  We tap and draw on the wisdom flowing through the person to identify where a challenge stems from. This wisdom comes from the client rather than the practitioner.

Traditionally in EFT we would tap on the worry about client flow, the procrastination in doing marketing etc.  This ‘fix-the-problem’ approach works.  However, it also feels incomplete as it misses out the growth potential of where we want to go.  Businesses grow easily where they’re accompanied by an expansive vision of what we want more of, rather than just looking backwards at what went wrong.  With Business Energetics we develop that vision at a vibrational level. Solutions tend to come together naturally after a session.
The fix-the-problem approach also ignores the most important component of any business or career – nurturing healthy relationships.  In Business Energetics we draw a simple map of relationships involving you and others.  By looking at the map we can identify where a relationship is tangled.  It is then easy to use EFT to evolve this situation.

As a member of Sejual's mastermind group for a year now I can recommend Business Energetics as a means of bringing sense, meaning and healing to the business environment. It has helped me become more grounded, more authentic and clearly defined as a competent energy professional in the personal development and change sector. Great interview!

Julie-Anne Mullan


Who is this for?

There are three groups of people why may benefit from Business Energetics:

  • Those involved in a SME, or wanting to start a business
  • Individuals on the career ladder
  • Managers in large companies.

What are the benefits?

When you don’t take time to access your wisdom before you act, you make more foolish mistakes.  The faster you move, the more likely these are to snowball into major problems.
This is why wisdom teachers throughout the ages have counselled getting into alignment before taking action.  With Business Energetics we get to do this in a playful way that combines spiritual depth.  
Specifically, Business Energetics will help overcome problems that have been elusive to resolve.  We are able to tackle feelings of being overwhelmed, release resistance that stops you taking action, and bring in new levels of growth and success. 


Listen in to this short audio interview where Sejual explains what Business Energetics is.

How can I experience this?

Fill in the form below to have a chat with Sejual and book a session to help you with a specific problem in your buisness or career.  If you're already familar with self development or EFT, you may enjoy attending a 2 day Business Energetic workshop.  For the next dates, please take a look at the Workshops page. 

Please contact me to book a one to one session or to reserve a place on a workshop with me.