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Welcome to my testimonials page. Here you can read comments from my clients. Or I'd be delighted to hear from you and receive feedback on the services my business has provided.

Name: Sherry Lukey
Location: BC, Canada
When: Wed 1st Mar 2023

I recently participated in Sejual's six-week Business Energetics course. Sejual's ability to create a safe space, listen deeply, ask thought-provoking questions, and offer honest, compassionate feedback is invaluable. Her unwavering belief that anything is possible for you allows the opportunity for magic to happen.

Hours before our week four call, I sold my long-term coaching program to a client that came from a completely unexpected place. The client signed up with me and paid in full in fifteen minutes. It felt aligned and easy. Sejual's 6-week Business Energetics course is a must-do experience that I highly recommend.

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