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Welcome to my testimonials page. Here you can read comments from my clients. Or I'd be delighted to hear from you and receive feedback on the services my business has provided.

Name: Connie Rose Johnston
Location: Victoria, Australia
When: Fri 24th Feb 2023

I have been privileged to have Sejual as my mentor for some time now. As an Advanced EFT Practitioner myself, it is imperative for my personal development to have access to a sounding board to debrief and clear my mind. I recently participated in the 6 week journey called Business Energetics! It was such a nurturing space for me- I really felt heard, and held. I personally do this for others and struggle to allow people to do it for me. I also learned so many techniques to share with others and big downloads, awakenings and realisations for myself! If you are at a point where you feel you need some extra love, support and direction, give yourself enough self-love to move through this 6 week journey for yourself! Loved it!

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