Beyond the Personal Peace Procedure for manifesting

A foundational element to working with EFT is to go through the Personal Peace Procedure (PPP).  Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, devised the PPP to help people clear distressing memories from the past and so work constructively towards a deeper sense of peace.  In my view the PPP is an excellent tool.  I’ve used the method to find a sense of calm that has given me such stability.

However, many people do the PPP in the expectation of improving an area of  their lives.  They do this to perhaps create a new relationship, to have better finances or to allow their bodies to heal.  In my experience, not everyone experiences the results they crave from merely clearing up their past.  Here’s why.

From past newsletters you may be familiar with the Emotional Guidance System as shared by spiritual teachers, Esther and Jerry Hicks.  In summary this scale helps people to move closer to manifesting their desires.  The optimum emotional space to manifest from is between hopefulness all the way to Joy, Knowledge, etc.  They have named this emotional space The Vortex, as it offers such a powerful place to create from.  

Here's a reminder of the scale of emotions we're talking about.  

*Joy / Knowledge / Empowerment / Freedom / Love / Appreciation
* Passion
* Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Happiness
* Positive expectation / Belief
* Optimism
* Hopefulness
* Contentment
* Boredom
* Pessimism
* Frustration / Irritation / Impatience
* Overwhelming
* Disappointment
* Doubt
* Worry
* Blame
* Discouragement
* Anger
* Revenge
* Hatred / Rage
* Jealousy
* Insecurity / Guilt / unworthiness
* Fear / Grief / Depression / Despair / Powerlessness

So where does the peace we aim for in our PPP sit on this scale?  In my opinion, peace only takes you as far as contentment.  This is slightly short of the Vortex.  Peace is a fantastic place to arrive at if you’ve spent most of your life in fear, anger of even perpetual doubt.  But to manifest the health, money and relationships you desire, peace is not the end of the journey.  You need to consistently spend more of your time in feeling hopeful or higher to realise goals you've been working towards.  When you find yourself lower down the scale use EFT or your favourite release tool to help you move towards more positive emotions.

The higher you move up the scale the better results you get . . . and the better you feel!  I recently enjoyed a week's cruise with the Hicks who were giving lectures on board.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent a whole week being so consistently appreciative.  It helped me realise how much more potential for enjoying life I have than I give myself.  By feeling better within myself, I achieved my goal - more corporate EFT work.  BUT more importantly I spent more of my time feeling happy.  Isn't that what life is about after all?

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: So ask yourself for the next week, what can I do to increase my hope levels today?  Then see how the good feelings that you create fuel better experiences.  And I can tell you in advance it’s a positively addictive feeling to feel happy more and more.

Article Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010


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