Letting our emotions guide us to our goal

If you have read any books on the law of attraction, you will have come across the idea that what we focus on is what we receive. We're then urged to keep our focus on the positive. In my experience of working with the law of manifestation, it's not as simple as that. Otherwise, wouldn't we be able to focus on our goal and achieve it? And after all focus is a boring thing when we 'have' to do it.

As advanced as our minds are in processing vast swathes of information, it turns out that focusing on a goal is less important than the way we feel about that goal. If we feel despair about the flow of our income, then we hold back more coming in. If we are genuinely grateful for what is already with us, we open ourselves up to new ways to create money legitimately and healthily.Our emotions guide us to our creative manifesting abilities. However, I have yet to come across that unique human being who can authentically move from grief to joy at the snap of their fingers and stay there. It's too huge a jump to get across those seas of emotional swells in a split second, and it's not sustainable even in the short term. So our yo-yoing feelings move us from joy one minute to a deep grey flunk because nothing in life is progressing. That sabotages efforts to move forward with our manifesting work.

Let me introduce you to a neat solution the effect of which is a powerful aid to manifesting: the Emotional Guidance System. It can help you chart safe passage through the murky waters of your distressed emotional self.

What is the Emotional Guidance System?

The Emotional Guidance System, as explained by Law of Attraction authors Esther and Jerry Hicks, has a rainbow range of emotions.  The list begins with the most positive empowering emotions to feelings of desperation and weakness. Working incrementally with this scale helps guide us to better manifesting outcomes.

The list

* Joy / Knowledge / Empowerment / Freedom / Love / Appreciation
* Passion
* Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Happiness
* Positive expectation / Belief
* Optimism
* Hopefulness
* Contentment
* Boredom
* Pessimism
* Frustration / Irritation / Impatience
* Overwhelming
* Disappointment
* Doubt
* Worry
* Blame
* Discouragement
* Anger
* Revenge
* Hatred / Rage
* Jealousy
* Insecurity / Guilt / unworthiness
* Fear / Grief / Depression / Despair / Powerlessness

How do I work with it?

 Boredom is the neutral set point at which we move from negative to positive. When you feel a negative emotion you are blocking yourself from your manifesting potential. When you are experiencing the positive emotions you are helping in the creation of your goals.

To help towards focussing your emotions and thoughts on the best possibility, keep awareness during the day of where you are in the Emotional Guidance System. Wherever you are on the scale, acknowledge that realistically you can only sustain in the short term a change of a few steps up the ladder. If you try to go to far too soon, then you will constantly be slip sliding backwards and will get frustrated with where you are.

To go up the ladder use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to neutralise negative emotions that hold you back in the now. Tap on specific negative past events that stand in the way of you achieving your goal to help you move further up the scale. Over the course of weeks you can move steadily up the scale to better help yourself.

Instead of making it a chore to be "worked" with, allow the scale to be a fun tool within your kit that empowers you in the moment!  I keep a copy stuck to my fridge door so that whenever I pass by I'm prompted to think about how I'm feeling at that moment and if I want to do anything to feel better.

Next time I'll talk about the problem with 'vibrational whiplash' when working up the Emotional Guidance System.

If you'd like to make a start moving up the Emotional Guidance System please tap on this month’s EFT Setups

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Manifesting a new goal can be a journey of a thousand steps. Allow your emotions to grow incrementally positively, i.e. literally step by step, to sustain your longterm growth.

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Article Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009


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