EFT for moving up the Emotional Guidance Scale

This month's article discusses how working incrementally up the Emotional Guidance Scale can help us achieve our goal more safely and in the long term more quickly than if we just use will-power and hope. Try the Setups below to get you started with taking incremental steps up towards your goal.

If you need a reminder of the EFT tapping points please download this pdf file. It also provides a reminder of how to do EFT.

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, or change the words to fit your exact situation.

"Even though I perhaps feel a bit shaky at where I am emotionally maybe it's okay to start my journey now "

"Even though I'm not very close to achieving my goal when I look at my emotional state, maybe I can accept where I am "

"Even though I want to achieve my goal but these negative emotions stand in my way, I love and accept myself as that is a clear way forward "

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat this round more than once if you wish.  

***These phrases focus on tapping out the problem***

1st Round

Head: "All these negative emotions "

Eyebrow: "That are swimming in me "

Side of Eye: "I have these fears and worries in me "

Under Eye: "I know I would benefit from dealing with them indivdiually "

Nose: "But there's the child-like self within me who wants it all resolve in a night "

Chin: "And whilst I sleep "

Collarbone: "This sea of negative emotions that I'm having to swim against "

Under Arm: "Maybe I can neutralise some so that I'm dunked by so many waves "

Ribs: "Maybe I can cut away some of these heavy weights that have been dragging me down "

2nd Round

Head: "And by lightening my emotional load "

Eyebrow: "I start moving up the emotional scale "

Side of Eye: "My body has been drowning in this sea of negative emotions "

Under Eye: "No wonder it's been difficult for me to manifest my goal "

Nose: "But by moving towards boredom, maybe I can find a new footing "

Chin: "One that helps me feel stable at this new level "

Collarbone: "At that life buoy of boredom I can rest a while and settle my energies"

Under Arm: "So that I'm not having to make the change in one almighty rush "

Ribs: "Which would be nigh on impossible "

Tap on specific negative elements to the event or situation that stand out in your mind. Use language that captures exactly how you feel. The more honest you are with yourself whilst tapping, the more freedom you will achieve.

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