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Being supported

To achieve our goals we all need to give ourselves some level of support. But what happens when it turns out that we’re the ones pulling the rug out from under our feet because we don’t feel good enough?

In my work I often encounter people who struggle with low self esteem.  Whichever way they turn they hear their own voice berating them for not being successful/attractive/careful/whatever enough.  Sometimes that voice repeats the words they learnt from a parent, teacher or peer when growing.  The message follows a common theme: they’re never going to amount to anything worthwhile. 

To start changing that message it helps to draw on a positive force for a source of strength.  Below are some ways you can draw on non-human support to achieve your goals:

  • Draw on the energy of a geographical location you attach happy memories to.  Picture yourself in it.  Remember the joy that being there brings.  Now let that feeling start flooding into your being and the goal you are working towards.  Repetition is the key here to build a new habit. Do this regularly - can you do it more than 20 times? - and you can attach a feeling of warmth towards your goal that in turn nurtures you.
  • Visualise your favourite colour and with EFT allow it to come in to your being to support you with energy, motivation and whatever else you need.  This is a technique I use regularly with clients who feel unable to say to themselves ‘I love and accept myself’.  The colour connection bypasses fears that we are unlovable and unable to accept ourselves. In my experience we then find the support we need to achieve a particular goal.  I often work with the colour pink as this represents self love, and it is the emotional state we’re trying to introduce.  Try the suggested EFT Setups in this month’s newsletter to help you play with this idea. 
  • Draw on the love of a pet.  Recently I worked with a lady who whilst doing EFT couldn’t say ‘I accept myself’.  Instead of going round the houses we changed the positive phrase to ‘I draw on the love my cats give me’.  It worked a treat, and brought a smile to her face so that she could start supporting her emotional self better. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: empower yourself with as much support from within as you can – you'll start with a stronger base that will sustain you over time in achieving your goal.


Article Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007


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