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Finding balance between creating and releasing resistance

In EFT we’re encouraged to focus on something called our Personal Peace Procedure. This is an approach that allows us to clear the most troublesome memories from our past and so create greater peace. It’s been a vital part of my self healing. 
I’ve connected with a sense of calm that is so different from the highly strung person I was – even my nearly-mother-in-law comments on the difference in me from a decade ago! I thank EFT and the Personal Peace Procedure for helping release me from the pain of my past. 
However, from time to time I hear of people who’ve learnt EFT who seem to spend most of their time hunting out hidden traumas to clear. They seem to be on an endless quest to neutralise the past. It makes me wonder if there is a belief within them that they will have to clear for eternity just because they don’t feel at peace all the time.  Is constant never-changing peace actually possible or desirable?  
I'd like to suggest there comes a time when we benefit from changing our tapping focus from being “cleaner-caretakers” to skilful creators of the life we wish to live. 
There’s still an important role for EFT in this. When we decide how we want our life to be, the resistance holding us back will show up. Then we can use EFT to clear it up. 
Here’s a 4 step process to try to help you keep on track:
  1. Decide on your positively focused goal. E.g. I choose to drop down a dress size this summer; I want to generate 20% or more income this year than I did last year. 
  1. EFT the specific resistance that comes up in relation to your goal. These will be the tail-enders that hold you back from feeling hopeful you can achieve your goal. You’re likely to unearth past negative memories to then tap on to clear. Doing it in this order, you’re not putting the cart before the horse. 
  1. Use the emotional guidance system to help you keep track of where you feel you are in relation to your goal. Focus on your goal and if you’re less than hopeful in relation to it, tap your way to feeling better right in that moment.
  1. Whenever you find yourself hopeful or above in relation to your goal, savour that feeling. The more time you spend emotionally in the higher levels of the scale, the better your ability to succeed. 
As humans our most powerful expression of our skills is when we create the life we want to lead. We need the “cleaning” power of tools like EFT to break down what’s unwanted. However, if we stay in the mode of constant clearing we will never get to realise our genius in fashioning a better life for ourselves. 

Healthy in Mind viewpoint: it’s not your destiny to be a mere cleaner of the problems from your past. Allow yourself to graduate to being the architect of a joyful existence!

Article Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010


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