What drum am I beating now?

Drum beats and rhythms have in some parts of the world been an effective way for tribes to communicate over a long distance.  The insistent and regular pattern makes sure that people far away get the message. 

In a similar way, you’re regularly sending a drum beat through your mind to different parts of your being.  So when you’re in an situation of being hemmed in on the motorway by vehicles all around you may feel uncomfortable.  Your mind will send its strong drum beat through to all parts of your body so that perhaps your muscles tense up, your stomach starts churning, and your mouth goes dry.  

You can move off the motorway or even pause on the hard shoulder if it all gets too much to soften that drum beat pounding its message of panic.  But what about the other drum beats being sent by your mind? 

It might be a message that only thin people are pretty and so you can’t be attractive given the last time you checked the bathroom scales they were pointing at the wrong number. 

It could be that you’re not going to survive in the downturn because news reports are telling you that no one else is doing well and so how can anything be different in your life? 

Or maybe you're like the cashier and customer in front of me at my local supermarket who were moaning about how the cash had problems getting into their wallets, never stayed there long, and then sped quickly out. They laughed wryly but there was an uncomfortable reality behind their words - they believed what they were saying. They'd made that mindset part of the reality they were living in.

Panicked drum beats catch our attention as they become about life and death in the moment – that is literally how it feels to someone who is having an irrational seeming panic attack and no amount of rationalising will ease that.  But what about the drum beats that are equally insidious and which we don’t always catch?  What harm do they do?

Healing those drum beats will lift the message you’re sending to your body about the life you want to create.  If your message is more up”beat” then you’ll be looking for opportunities to create what you want, rather than being a victim to the programming that has been drummed into you through your life. 

If you’re struggling to clear a particular drum beat try the following EFT routine to ease its message.  And if your issue requires more specific help, why not Contact me to organise your one on one session to support you to success.  

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: change the rhythm of the beat you’re moving to and let go of the mental headache that’s affecting your performance now.  You’ll start experiencing ease that will support you towards success.



Article Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009


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