Why boredom is more defeating than annoyance

I recently had reason to be deeply grateful to someone whose work caused me to be annoyed about my own writing. A month ago I decided to improve areas of my website by revising the copy writing. I'd written these pages 4 years ago when I first started my business. In that time my business has grown and changed in important ways. The writing on those pages doesn’t reflect fully the energy of my business as it is now. 
I had gotten incredibly bored with the way some of the pages read and was short on ideas about what to do with them. In addition, I’ve been very busy in my practice with clients and wasn’t making the time available for change.  So I decided to hire a marketing expert to help me. 
The marketing expert was professional and competent throughout our work. We had a couple of discussions as they developed the writing and they put in a lot of effort, even working with a published author to help develop the flow of language. However, they came back with suggestions which didn’t fit the way I express myself or carry much passion. I value the power of language and I realised that it would be hard for anyone to write in the way I do. The marketing expert had done a helpful job in restructuring my original copy, but just couldn’t engage my readers in the way I do.
Part of me was annoyed that I would still have to spend time developing old pages when I’d paid someone to help me. 
But then I saw an unexpected bonus the marketing expert delivered - they helped me move from boredom to annoyance about my web copy. 
This might sound like a curious benefit. Whilst annoyance is a slightly more negative emotion than boredom (on the Emotional Guidance System) it has a stronger moving energy.  Boredom carries a sense of inertia and a lack of focus. Think of a rubber band. When it is flaccid it is lifeless, and so similar to boredom. When we add some tension by pulling on a side of it, we drive energy into the structure and give it direction. 
Annoyance took me down a small way in emotional terms but encouraged me towards clarity. As a result, I connected with more creative language about my website copy – I’ll be putting this up in the next week on my site. From feeling bored and lacking in creative ideas, the marketing expert inadvertently provided me with a springboard into new ideas and expression.

Can’t shift the boredom? Try the following tapping phrases:
Even though I’m so bored by this topic, maybe I’ve gotten too comfortable with it
Even though I’m bored to tears with this subject and have lost connection with my creative self, I’m looking to move on from this problem
Even though it’s been safer to feel bored, maybe I’m missing the point of what I want to get out of this
The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: there’s no emotion that is good or bad - they just have different functions and can still help us. If you find yourself in a negative state for a short while use it as leverage to help you gain clarity and propel you in a direction you want to go.  

Article Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010


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