Healing unseen impact layers of trauma

As EFT practitioners we deal effectively with trauma using our Gentle Techniques. Often we clear an event and deliver deep healing peace.

However, sometimes when a deeply impactful event has happened we can be left with unseen layers of deeper trauma that affect the psyche and sense of well-being. These unseen layers can lead to the person ‘limping’ in every day life.

They might hesitate to return to the full experience of living. They might hesitate and doubt themselves, leading to a weak performance in their return to work. They might experience more complications in their health even though they’re committed to taking sensible practical action.

This video gives a practical way to bring healing to these impacted layers. In doing this the person experiences a more profound sense of relief and a lasting peace.

I hope you can use the questions in the video and the strategy shared to take your work to a deeper level of mastery.

Article Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022


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