Why Consult an EFT Practitioner?

One of EFT’s strengths as a tool is how accessible it is to newcomers. Download a basic how to manual, find the mechanical tapping points, use some simple words and your problem seemingly melts away. So why would anyone ever want to consult a practitioner?

Here are some possible answers.

  1. If you have “stubborn” symptoms that are only coming down a little with EFT, or they return despite your best efforts, a practitioner can help see beyond the symptoms to what is the core issue. Working with another is likely to get you the full result you desire so you don’t have to tap on it again. That lasting peace is possible.

  2. The practitioner will be able to draw on a ‘map’ of experiences they’ve gathered by helping others with similar problems. As a result they can navigate you to the finish line by crafting a gentle and well-paced journey.

  3. A practitioner can help search out all related aspects to the problem to make sure that the diseased emotional tree has been removed, roots and all, from the forest. A skilled practitioner will also work carefully to test the results to make sure that there are no remaining aspects. This is how we get lasting results offering deep freedom.


    Sue Carroll


  4. A practitioner can have an objective view on what are the driving factors to the problem you want to resolve. If you’ve lived with a problem for a long time you’re going to have a hard time seeing it as it is.
  5. When going through a process of change we can encounter resistance that slows us down. However, it takes an unusual amount of stepping back to see your own internal conflicts and encourage yourself to keep going. An EFT practitioner can remind you to do this. You’re more likely to overcome the blockage and get the full result you seek.
  6. EFT can kick up some huge issues. It’s good to get help to deal with intense emotions and peel them off one small piece at a time. Otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up. Put another way, if you’re uncovering a number of deeply intense emotional issues you’ll move through the pain more safely when supported by an EFT practitioner. It will be a more kind way to deal with the issues than toughing it out alone. You deserve all the help you can get.
  7. A good practitioner will suggest focused tapping you can do in between sessions. This can be empowering and speed up your work with them.
  8. A skilful practitioner can help play detective to find the core issue. Two brains are better than one on this, and the result is likely to be a time efficient resolution of the problem.
  9. Changing yourself can be a difficult process if doing it on your own. A trained practitioner can help you feel safe enough to change no matter what voices come up to dissuade you.

A skilful practitioner will be operating in their Zone of Genius. This means that they’ve focused on a niche where they can serve people effectively. They’ve learnt the ins and outs of supporting people in their growth in this area so their work can be effective. They’ve married this with developing effective EFT skills to hold the space for the emotional work.


HiM viewpoint: Working with someone who can honour your past and support you to a more peaceful endpoint can be a profoundly healing experience.

Article Date: Thu, 27 May 2021


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