Zapping procrastination

One half term holiday when I was 17 my sister suggested I travel with her to France for a week’s holiday.  I refused thinking I had to study hard –must’ve been the Indian work ethic!

I only had a history essay to write, about 1500 words on Henry VIII’s Cardinal Wolsey.  It should have taken an afternoon to write.  But starting on the Monday I sat in my mum’s dining room . . . and watched the week pass.  I agonised over starting it desperate for it to be perfect.  And yet it didn’t count for much.  The days bled into one another and come Sunday I was up burning the midnight oil to get it done.  I got an A- for it.  Quite good.  But not as good as the A my friend got.  And, guess what, she’d written hers in one afternoon! 

We procrastinate for so many reasons.  Below are some reasons why, and along with them different ways of looking at the situation.

“It has to be perfect”

Solution: Taking pride in your work is admirable.  But is adding a sprinkling of premature greying hair part of rational thinking?  The problem with being perfect all the time is that you don’t get to make mistakes . . . and so you limit your potential to grow.  Hmmm, doesn’t sound like a productive situation to be in.  Do your best and do it efficiently.  Then see what you have learnt and add it into the mix of your personal knowledge.  You’ll gain so much knowledge this way others will be turning to you for advice and information. 

“This job is boring”

Solution:  What makes it boring?  Can you change your perspective about it?  Have a chat with a friend and see if they can put it in a different light. 

You’re worried because don't know how to handle the task or job.

Solution: Release the worry using your favourite tool - EFT is great – so that it’s not clogging up your energy system anymore.  Then get a professional to teach you how.  Or invest in a book or home study course to show do the same.  You’ll gain new knowledge and will have empowered yourself in the process. 

Fear that there’s no time to do it

Solution:  Running around trying to find the time means you’re wasting time in being disorganised.  Schedule a slot in your diary and create the time you need.  And try to figure out, perhaps with the help of someone else, why you’ve got this fear.  Release the fear to stop it holding you back in the future.

You feel stuck.

Solution: You may just need to get momentum going.  Give yourself permission to do just one small part of the project only.  Or do the easiest part first.  This usually creates momentum, and you end up doing a lot more than you intended to.

Can you come up with other reasons to procrastinate?  Send them to me and we’ll come up with answers to zap them away leaving you feeling more free to achieve your goals. 


Article Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007


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