Getting into alignment with success

Often we rush into action determined to achieve something we’ve set our minds on.  We think that by getting busy and ploughing through our work we’ll get the job done.  Have you ever found that the work drags along with unexpected problems sticking up like unseen nails in a plank of wood waiting to trip you up?  Inevitably we get slowed down, frustrated by the obstacles coming up and worn out by our lack of progress.  

One of my clients came in with this experience.  She would prepare her morning to help her children get to school and childcare on time.  However, she found every morning stressful as events spiralled out of her control.  The baby would need its nappy changing 5 minutes before she was due out of the door, the kids would have a fight and be in tears and so would need calming, and in fire-fighting the packed lunches would be a mad rush.  Just imagine the chaotic state of mind she would be in before she had even started her own day of work.  

We worked on getting her aligned with being successful in managing the morning. Instead of it needing to be a stress inducing experiencing we tapped through all the elements that she worried would happen to derail her morning before she could get to work.  Very quickly her mornings were focused, manageable and she got to work feeling she was on top of everything enough to do her own work.  

If we leave the small things to accumulate and grow out of proportion we affect our ability to align with success.  Where success seems like a hard won battle against the odds, we’re draining our resources to fire fight and affecting our quality of life.  What if our loved ones and colleagues could have a calmer person to be and work with? Maybe that would bring more success into our lives.

If you’re struggling to align yourself with success try the following EFT routine to see if you can ease the problems you’re facing.  And if your issue requires more specific help, why not Contact me to organise your one on one session to support you to success. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Clear you mental attitude to align yourself with success for a more enlightened approach – after all wouldn’t you rather use an intelligent mindset than a passé hard work ethic?



Article Date: Sun, 31 May 2009


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