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A gentle start to the day

I recently decided I wanted an even better start to my day.  It takes me a little time to get going from feeling dull and grey (I’m not a morning person!) to feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead. 

I’ve got my to do list ready from the day before.  So I should be ready to go racing from the starting blocks.  But it never quite happens that way.  It takes me a while to ‘shake off’ that fogginess.  How do I turn my energy around?

Here’s my secret tool: I express gratitude for the small joys in life. 

Now if you’re into the positive thinking movement, you might say, that’s nothing new.  Giving heartfelt gratitude for what you already have is a sure-fire way towards achieving your goals.  The idea is that by expressing thanks for what you're already enjoying you’re lifting your vibration, which in turnmakes achieving your goals much easier. Perhaps you already write a gratitude list and account for all that’s going well for you.  Great! 

What I’m suggesting is a tweak on this.  Do you find times when its hard to resonate completely with the bigger gifts life has sent you? 

First thing in the morning I don’t really feel like intoning gratitude for my robust health, the freedom I have to pursue a living that inspires me, the loving relationships I enjoy, and the great help I’ve provided to my clients that week.  I just don’t have the emotional energy to do that sincerely . . . and honesty matters to me.

At that early morning time what I find I can do instead is quietly give thanks for the

  • snugly warmth of my bed
  • softness of the cotton pillow
  • peace and calm in the room

and from there I go up a notch.  I express gratitude for:

  • the sleep I enjoyed
  • how comfortable it feels to stretch my relaxed muscles
  • the cleansing joy of splashing water on my face.

Stage by stage I increase the magnitude of what I'm grateful for, keeping it a gentle and sincere progression. This way the feeling lasts with me for much longer through the day.

By the time I get to my desk, I’m ready to shout out my joy at the abundance of happiness that is already in my life.  (No complaints from the neighbours . . . yet!)

It’s always easier to start in small steps when working from a place of low energy to then moving megawatts of the stuff around.  After 10 minutes of quietly recognising the small things that are going well for me, my energy has woken up and is ready to acknowledge some of the more meaningful successesI've had.  And so I can achieve more in my day than used to.

To help ease you into gratitude work in the morning try the EFT Setups I've included this month in the newsletter.

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint:  take small steps to ease you into expressing gratitude for the larger gifts in life – the process might just feel more natural and sincere to your vibration.


Article Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007


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