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You may have heard recently that the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, has announced his retirement from spreading word about this therapy due to health reasons.  You can read about this on his site.  Gary has played an amazing role in leading EFT into mass public awareness.  It’s sad to lose a visionary of his calibre from this specific field.  That said Gary intends to develop new areas of healing.  I invite you to leave a few words at the end of his blog to let him know how you personally have benefited from his liberal giving of EFT to the world.

Retirement is traditionally seen as a way to create a wholesale life change.  We move from a place of 9-5 work to one of ease.  This is supposedly the time to enjoy more of what we’d like to do. 

Many of my clients, particularly executives, complain about creating a healthy work life balance.  Work often seems to overwhelm their personal time meaning that health and family life are compromised.  I’ve also helped many business owners who struggle to breathe through all that’s on their plates. 

As we start a new year and a new decade I’m inviting you to play with a radically different approach to retirement.  Are you ready to adjust your belief that you’ll have to wait until your 60s before enjoying your life?  What if smarter working can create a life that cuts through wastage?  We’re not talking about a cheat’s method to riches and a lazy life in place.  Instead we want to harness time intelligently. 

In essence we’re creating a life of “mini-retirements”.  Here we:

  • Improve our productivity
  • Create the potential for remote work in an era of digital communication
  • Leverage the cost benefit of lower living costs found working remotely
  • Enable ourselves to honour work, family and financial commitments through gainful work
  • Seek more meaningful ways to express our creative human selves; and
  • Put the fun back into living a working life

Sounds like fiction that even a Time Lord couldn’t conjure with Tardis in tow? 

I’d recommend you read The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss to see how you can do the above.  Timothy thoughtfully maps out a way to create this reality.  Take from the book what serves you well to be more efficient with your time.  (I left out his suggestions about product creation as they didn’t resonate with my view on how I’m creating financial independence.) 


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I hope the ideas in this book influence your New Year focus.  I wish you a happy start to this decade!

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Allow yourself to manage time so smartly that you’ll be enjoying life more intensely than you thought possible . . . and well before retirement age.

Article Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009


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