Finding the gift in the journey

They say it's about enjoying the journey, rather than achieving the goal. Why should I care about the journey that gets me to my end result? Isn’t this newsletter meant to be focused on achieving my goal?

Here’s my suggestion on why it matters that you take in the journey and how this does help you reach your goal.

Last week a good friend passed away unexpectedly. Just a few days before we had firmed up plans to meet next year when I’m visiting in Los Angeles. We’d been talking about our shared passion for the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks’ material and taking EFT into the corporate environment. And then she suddenly wasn’t here anymore.

I felt sad at the thought of missing her company. I’ve not been dealing with a terrible grief. In my experience, that type of sorrow comes up when a parent or loved one dies. I was still saddened though.

So did I tap on the sadness? A bit. Surprising as it may sound, I’ve not been focused on speeding my way back to peace and a positive mindset. Instead I’m thinking about the journey I’m on. I’ll return to that place of joy in a while. Instead I’m taking time to appreciate my friend and the impact she had on me and friends in common.

Sadness is not a place I will stay for long. However, the journey through it is helping me to learn more about myself. That makes me richer in personal insight and experience which in turn furthers my growth.

This is the gift in the challenge that you may have heard spoken of – this precious knowledge that makes us more resourceful, creative, stronger . . . add your own adjectives for the qualities you value.

A key problem my clients encounter is when they struggle with being on the journey. As their struggle grows, their progress becomes slower. The more painful they find the journey the longer it takes them to complete it.

However, where they find the gift in the challenge - that previously unknown morsel of knowledge - the journey then becomes smoother and shorter. It’s that knowledge of self empowerment that’s been tucked out of sight.

Here's an EFT routine to help you explore this idea if it's new to you or to help you gain clarity on how it could help you achieve your goals.

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: work with the journey to unlock the gift it offers – your goal will be easier to achieve and you will be the richer for it.


Article Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009


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