The fear of not achieving your goals

I was reading about the perils of being a workaholic in Seth Godin’s marketing blog.  Seth is a wiz in re-inventing approaches to marketing in a fresh way that have an impact on the way we do business and maintain relationships in today’s world. 

According to Seth, the fear of not achieving your goals keeps you working so hard that you miss opportunities.  ‘A workaholic lives on fear. It's fear that drives him to show up all the time. The best defence, apparently, is a good attendance record. ‘

Perhaps you recognise this quality within yourself?  Or maybe someone in your life is affected with the need to keep running in order to stand still?  I can think of a few people in the Square Mile of London who would benefit from reviewing their approach to work.

Here are a couple questions I’d ask to start the thinking process, along with some suggestions:

  • What are you running away from?  The more that you run away from an issue and mask it with new activity, engaging as it may be, the more you’re hiding from your own self.   
  • What does your frenetic activity give you that you’ve never received before?  Find the answer to this and you have a basis to resolving the root issue.

As you can see for workaholics, honesty with themselves and the courage to take action with whatever support they choose to have, can result in a better quality and balance of life.  Isn’t that a key reason for why we live in this world?

However, overcoming the fear is the first challenge.  This month’s EFT Setups are designed to start breaking down the fears that lurk in the heart of a workaholic. 


The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Identify the fear that keeps you chained to your desk and release it to allow a more opportunity for success in.

Article Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008


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