That note of desperation

In the last month I’ve received a large number of electronic newsletters that I never signed up for.  They refer to me by names I would never choose, e.g. Sejual San (a Japanese name to signify Reiki Master).  I’ve had polite e-mails offering to sell me Reiki music, others telling me about training I could attend in Texas at a local health centre there, and yet others with tenuous links to my work.  With each one my address has been harvested from sites where the e-mail is hidden unless you go to great lengths to get them.

These e-mails all have one thing in common – desperation.  Growing an e-mail list ethically is a positive marketing action to take.  Doing it in desperation speaks of fear about the outcome. 

Where we act in desperation to control a relationship in any part of our lives we cause ourselves problems.  Why should a recipient listen if the message you’re sending out is one with a hint of panic to it?

People buy from others where they have built up a relationship based on trust.  By signing me up without my authorisation they have created a whole lot of distrust.  How do I know that their product is worthwhile if they’re trying to control my freedom. 

It’s so important to eliminate that note of desperation in any of you goal-achieving activities.  It creates unnecessary distrust on the part of those you wish to connect with and produces negative results. 

This month’s EFT Setups are intended to help overcome desperation you may feel about a relationship in any area of your life – it doesn’t have to be business-related, it can be a more personal connection. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Desperation gives off a sour note in any relationship. Free yourself from it, and see how you liberate your relationship to play a more harmonious melody.

Article Date: Fri, 30 May 2008


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