Allowing success through breathing

On my Facebook page this week I shared an insight I learnt from Abraham Hicks that made me sit up and really pay attention. I wrote:
The simplicity of this idea ironically blew me away: 'focused breathing is THE most powerful of processes in allowing'.
Abraham Hicks audio, Los Angeles, 5 August 2006
The responses and questions I received encouraged me to write about why this quote is so powerful. 
I’m a huge fan of the inspiration that Esther and Jerry Hicks share about the Law of Attraction.  In past newsletters I’ve shared some of their thinking where it applies to success. I’ve grown my own business and personal success by applying more and more of their knowledge. 
So back to the quote. What’s the power behind this idea? 
This quote needs a bit of context to help explain the power behind the thinking. In classical Law of Attraction thinking there are 3 steps to manifesting a desired outcome:
  1. You ask. You do this every day of your life. You may ask directly, e.g. for a new washing machine when yours breaks down, or indirectly. So when a car cuts across you on the road rudely, you may feel angry about their behaviour. That angry reaction to the driver gives rise on some level within you to a desire for better road users. 
When you receive an unexpected bill in the post you may wonder where the money to pay it is going to come from. Your wondering is a form of indirect asking. You ask through your vibration rather than just through words or thoughts. 
  1. The answer is given. The Universe gathers all the cooperative components to realise your desire. It keeps the good things that you desire in life in a kind of vibrational holding pen called The Vortex. You’re easily able to access items in the Vortex when you fulfil Step 3. Step 2 is not your responsibility. You do not have to figure out how something is going to manifest for you. That’s the job of the Universe – the power which creates worlds . . .
  1. You allow the answer in. We allow by letting our emotional well-being improve. As we move up the emotional scale when thinking about a specific manifestation we are better able to allow a desired experience into our lives. That’s because you’re matching the vibration of what you seek as you improve your mood. So your job is to feel more relief, be more relaxed and find better feeling thoughts. 
Allowing is the one thing that most people struggle with. We get in our way so often by trying to engineer specific outcomes. Our fears, worries and limiting beliefs hold us back. 
So it makes sense that pure focused breathing in its simplest form is so powerful. When we switch off the worry button we relax.  Taking the fear hotline off the hook has the same effect. Put simply, when you focus on your breathing there’s an absence of resistant thought. By default, in this state, you allow better things in.
When you’re really focused on your breathing you cannot focus on a problem. Just breathing brings just more oxygen into your body. In addition, as you breathe more deeply you allow more energy to reach the cells of your body – in Ancient Indian thinking this energy was called prana. As your cells are nourished by this energy, you experience a deeper relaxing effect. This lifts more resistance from your being. So it’s an ever improving circle of empowerment. 
No special preparation or posture is required to do this. You’re a master at breathing - you’ve been doing this from the moment of your birth. Just sit for 5 to 10 minutes comfortably and focus on the breath in and out and enjoy. If your mind wanders, then just bring it back.
How does this benefit us? Practically speaking, I’ve had more clients booking in this week whilst I’ve done this breathing exercise every day. I’ve also handled a challenging situation in my work with more ease than I could have imagined and come through with good results. Coincidence possibly, but my own belief system suggest otherwise.

I’d love to hear what good things happen to you as you do this.

Article Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010


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