Omitting a person or event from your life?

A question I ask all new clients as part of the initial consultation process is ‘what person or event would you omit if you could relive your life’.  It's not that we can change the past itself. However, we can neutralise the hold the past has on us. Their answer to this question tells so much about what is blocking them in achieving their goals at this point in time in their lives.  Very often their mind delivers up an event that is related and that blocks their path forward now.  Let’s examine why this could be so helpful a question to ask ourselves when working towards a goal in hand, and why releasing the negative thoughts that accompany it can deliver so much benefit.

A client recently asked for help in eliminating her fears and barriers that interfere with her finding her soul mate.  In the process of the consultation we uncovered a strong fear of rejection. A former relationship had left her feeling so dejected in this area of her life that she wanted to protect herself from experiencing this kind of hurt again at all cost.

The problem was that her defensive choice meant that she was holding herself rigid and distant from all potential relationships for fear of getting hurt again.  She would go out on dates, but the shoots of these promising buds withered away as unconsciously she was holding her old hurt as a flak jacket.  She did not invest enough of herself in the relationship for fear that the same would happen again.

On further reflection she even noticed her muscles getting tense when she thought of going out on a date.  Her actions were saying she wanted to go out and have fun on a date, but her body was demonstrating the hidden resistance within that was stopping her from moving ahead.  She wanted to remove from her life her failed relationship, but her strategy was preventing a new relationship from entering her life.  With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) we resolved the fear of rejection to allow her to develop a more meaningful relationship when out on a date.

If you'd like to start neutralising the pain of a specific past event that you wish to 'omit' from your lives, please tap on this month’s EFT Setups

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Ask yourself what event from the past would you erase if you could live your life over.  Your answer could give you the means to help you overcome that boulder in your pathway.


Article Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008


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