So how long do I cope
with this . . . ?

“They say it’s best to ride this financial crisis out and wait for things to improve.”
 “I’ll just sit tight until the freezing cold weather is over.” 
I’ve heard these kinds of sentiments in the media last year and more recently with the bitterly cold weather we’ve had in the Northern hemisphere. We are taught to weather bad storms by hanging on by the skin of our teeth.
The problem with coping with a problem is that afterwards we forget to relax and go back to a deeply relaxed state of being as we were before the problem started. 
This is like a triathlete client I worked with who had a significant difference in leg length.  His knees had borne the brunt of the problem for years. He sorted out the mechanical problem with an orthotic insole in his 40s. However, his knees couldn’t forget the pattern they’d learnt to hold so that his body could cope. We resolved the knee pain in two simple sessions by neutralising the negative emotional memory his body had been holding on to. 
Or it’s like the woman who buried her grief for her beloved mother as she didn’t know how to cope with it. The only problem was that despite all her best efforts she couldn’t conceive the child she wanted. After letting go of the full depths of grief she had using EFT she went on to conceive. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy last year.   
Last week I worked with Matt di Lorenzo, a medical intuitive, to release deep level chronic muscular stiffness from my limbs. Where did this stiffness come from? Just the norms of babyhood. (You can listen to Matt’s explanation about how babies develop this chronic stiffness as a response to negative emotions in this audio we did for a previous newsletter.) As an adult I was coping fine with this muscular stiffness. I’ve not had any serious physical problems. I just knew that despite going regularly to Pilates I wasn’t improving my body shape. I’m starting to feel a greater sense of freedom in my body in just such a short time as I move away from coping to being more relaxed within myself. 
Both my clients had weathered their distressing storms and come out the other end fine. However, their bodies had retained the memory imprint of those times. We learn to cope during bad times – sometimes that’s all we can do. However, we also need to allow ourselves to release the memory imprint of that distress. 
In each of these situations, it wasn’t about how much physical work we did to improve our situations. The focus instead was on releasing the emotional distress at the core of our physical problems. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: it’s ok to cope in times of stress. Just allow yourself to clear the negative emotional patterns that your body has taken on afterwards.

Article Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010


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