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EFT for avoiding vibrational whiplash

This month's article discusses how yo-yoing up and down the Emotional Guidance Scale can do us more harm than good in achieving our goal. Try the Setups below to get you started with taking incremental steps up towards your goal.

If you need a reminder of the EFT tapping points please download this pdf file. It also provides a reminder of how to do EFT.

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, or change the words to fit your exact situation.

"Even though I want to race up that ladder and get to the finish line, what if it's not just about taking action but instead about working on the way I feel? "

"Even though I'm not comfortable with going only a few steps up the emotional scale, what if that's the kindest thing I could do for myself? "

"Even though it's a new idea for me to want to go from say say anger [insert your starting emotion] to doubt about this goal, it's not the full clearance I was looking for, but maybe taking manageable steps will make it easier for me to grow "

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat this round more than once if you wish.  

***These phrases focus on tapping out the problem***

1st Round

Head: "I've got this strong negative feeling"

Eyebrow: "My emotional set point is lower than I want it to be"

Side of Eye: "Logically I know it's better to be higher up on the scale"

Under Eye: "But logic seems to have little to do with how I feel on any given day "

Nose: "I thought it was best for me to leap into action"

Chin: "And try to climb this towering skyscraper of emotion"

Collarbone: "All the way to feeling intensely positive"

Under Arm: "But that feels so forced"

Ribs: "I don't think I can sustain such a big change in the short term"

2nd Round

Head: "I don't like feeling so low"

Eyebrow: "Because I know it's not helping me manifest the things I want"

Side of Eye: "But what if it was easier for me to move up a few notches"

Under Eye: "And then I could see how better that is"

Nose: "Maybe I could be kind to myself by taking a breather at that point"

Chin: "Wouldn't that give me some much needed support to later take another few steps?"

Collarbone: "Maybe I'd stick at this manifesting stuff more easily"

Under Arm: "Since I don't have to push myself to achieve everything in one go"

Ribs: "And then I wouldn't get sick at that huge vibrational change"

Tap on specific negative elements to the event or situation that stand out in your mind. Use language that captures exactly how you feel. The more honest you are with yourself whilst tapping, the more freedom you will achieve.

***These phrases bring in a positive focus on the solution***

Head: "I'm glad to have given myself this space"

Eyebrow: "This change doesn't feel like a huge burden so much now"

Side of Eye: "I've broken it down into manageable chunks"

Under Eye: "That I can handle "

Nose: "I'm choosing an easier way of making progress "

Chin: "I'm glad I've got this process "

Collarbone: "It gives me a framework to carry me forward "

Under Arm: "Now I bring a bit more focus and clarity to achieiving my goal "

Ribs: "As I'm committed to helping myself grow "


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