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Online Business Energetics Workshop
Mon 09 Sep to Mon 14 Oct

EFT Online Group Mentoring
Tue 10 Sep
Wed 11 Sep
Thu 19 Sep

EFT Group Mentoring
Wed 18 Sep
Wed 27 Nov

EFT Level 1
Sat 05 & Sun 06 Oct

EFT Level 2
Sat 02 & Sun 03 Nov

St Albans, Herts, UK
+44 (0)7811 484 673

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The Reiki Principles

Reiki follows these principles:


  • Just for today, do not anger
  • Do not worry
  • Be grateful
  • Work dilgently in developing yourself
  • Be kind to others

Reiki Introduction
Reiki Lineage
The Reiki Principles
Reiki Training

Please contact me to book a one to one session or to reserve a place on a workshop with me.