confident presentation skills

Healthy in Mind offers 1 to 1 coaching, and one day workshops to permanently ditch the nerves about public speaking.  These can be provided within company offices for groups of upto 20 people.  Work with individuals can be done in person or by video-conference.

These sessions are for staff wanting to feel confident about public speaking, and so improve on their performance at work.  Helpful particularly for those in customer-facing or leadership roles. 

What are the benefits:

  • public speaking nerves are neutralised or significantly reduced.  Few other presentation skills courses can offer this.
  • be successful in giving a talk.
  • effective for resolving mild to extreme cases of public speaking anxiety.
  • be more relaxed prior to making a presentation and so work becomes more enjoyable.
  • Drawing on her public speaking skills as a former barrister, Sejual can help you organise and present your information in a way that fits with your audience.


What we cover:

  • getting rid of physical symptoms of stress when nervous
  • taking the sting out of bad memories of public speaking
  • removing fears about forthcoming speaking events

Thank you so very much for the help you gave me last year to overcome my paralytic fear of public speaking. I am truly greatful for all your support and encouragement to enable me to move on.

Judith Maag, St Albans

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