EFT Level 1 & 2 Training (Practitioner)

Location : Online

Dates: Weekly, starting Thu 18 Jul at 1:30pm for 8 weeks. 1 space left

Cost: £550  Pay 

International start times: 08:30 EDT, 13:30 BST, 14:30 CEST, 18:00 IST, 20:30 HKT, 22:30 AEST, Fri 00:30 NZST. Each session lasts 3 hours.

This combined Levels 1 and 2 course takes you through beginner knowledge towards qualifying as a practitioner.

We meet for 3 hours, once a week, for 8 weeks. In this way you deepen your knowledge and skill so that you can safely and skilfully use EFT on yourself, family and friends. You can hear the differences between the training levels here.

The course is with an accredited EFT International Master Trainer of Trainers. We follow the EFT International syllabi for both levels. You'll receive my own clearly written and detailed manuals as course aids. The training itself will be a deep dive in small class size groups for an effective immersion into the course material.

In total you will receive 24 hours of tuition delivered over 8 consecutive weeks.

You'll come away feeling able to help yourself, AND wanting to keep tapping long after the course is over.

You can also complete post course assessments to obtain a practitioner qualification.

Why Train with Sejual?

  • Class sizes for my workshops are small. This allows for good one to one interaction with me. The learning stays focused. As a result you’re less likely to get lost in the group. The small group size enables you to form helpful social bonds with the other students. You’ll learn more easily in this kind of environment.
  • There’s a week gap between each session on any training level. This allows you time to digest content between sessions. The gap allows me to set homework, and this means you can practise and deepen your skill. This means you can let questions emerge to bring to your next session. This time for reflection is vital to developing your skill as an EFTer as tapping will become more of a habit, and less of a tool to dust off once in a while when you remember. In short, with this approach you’ll keep benefitting from your EFT learning long after the workshop is over.
  • I’m part of the team of EFTi trainers that has developed the standards for delivering online levels training for the organisation. I bring that expertise to this course.
  • My training manuals are clear, well-written and devised to be comprehensive for your particular workshop. We use the relevantmanual during the sessions to help you understand why we apply EFT in specific ways.
  • I have more than 10 years experience in delivering online training. This includes a retreat I ran in 2011 with over 30 participants attending from three different continents. I have several years experience in offering my own modality, Business Energetics, online. I understand how to make content engaging so that you learn well and in a fun way. Your learning experience is made richer for this experience.
  • I’m adept and experienced in delivering training to culturally diverse audiences, and those with differing learning needs.

Course Content

Topics covered at Level 1 are:

  • How to do tapping
  • How does EFT work?
  • Roots and origins of EFT
  • The Discovery Statement
  • Getting the most out of this tool at this level
  • Movie Technique for releasing negative memories
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Releasing physical pain
  • Discrete easy ways to do EFT in public


Topics included at Level 2 are:

  •     Tearless Trauma Technique
  •     Telling the Story Technique
  •     New Tapping Points
  •     Chasing the Pain
  •     Addressing Physical Issues
  •     Finding Core Issues
  •     Testing results
  •     The Palace of Possibilities
  •     Delivering EFT by Telephone.
  •     Borrowing Benefits/Group Work
  •     Phobias

Without doubt this has been the best facilitated course I've attended either in person or on line, and as I said yesterday I will really miss the group. As you know, I previously attended a Level 2 course. This time round I have gained so much additional knowledge and confidence from your course and feel able now to start working with friends and family to gain the client hours. I did not feel confident enough to do this after my previous experience of L2. One of the reasons I chose your course was the fact that it was over 4 weeks and this has really given me the opportunity to immerse myself in EFT practice, reading and videos in between sessions and to really build on my knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in a supportive, encouraging and accessible way.

M.Y., Gloucestershire


Practitioner Qualification

Certification as a qualified Level 2 Practitioner requires successful completion of a number of assessments.  These are at present completion of: 

  • Mentoring - £192
    6 hours of Mentoring in the 12 month period after the workshop.  I offer group mentoring online in blocks of 90 minutes. Each session costs £48.
  • Marking of written assessments - £150
    • 4 case studies (one of which is to be recorded)
    • an open book test paper to assess knowledge
    • log of 50 sessions with individuals as practice
  • EFT International Student Membership - £25
  • EFT International Multiple Choice Test - £15

These additional charges become payable as you attend the activities or submit your assessments, so as to stagger the costs.  Payments for the last two bullets are made directly to EFT International.

You will then be responsible for maintaining your status through Mentoring and Continuing Professional Development.


Sometimes unforeseen events arise and you might need to cancel. For cancellations more than 14 days before the beginning of the workshop, I offer refund of any money paid less a non-refundable £50 administrative fee. For cancellations less than 14 days, the workshop fee is not refundable. Instead I'll invite you to attend the next available workshop I run for that level.

In the event I need to cancel a course for any reason, registered attendees will be offered a full refund of the money they've paid.

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