EFT tapping points


These are the points in the short form of EFT that we will be using.  3-7 taps in each round on each point is enough.

1.  Side of the hand – this is the starting point where we say the Setup.  Use the tips of all four fingers of one hand to tap the outside of the other.  Use the same pressure you would use if you were tapping on a table to make a drumming sound. 

Next we work down the body with short phrases.  Generally you can use the index and middle fingers together on all the following points – any alternatives are mentioned.

2.   Top of the head - any where around the crown.  Gently using the flat of the hand is fine too.

3.  Eyebrow - located at the beginning of the eyebrow, nearest the centre of the face.

4.  Side of eye - located on the bone at the side of the eye.  It's not so close to the eye that it feels like you're poking yourself, and not so far away that you are tapping at the temple. 

5.  Under eye – located on the bone under the eye about even with the pupils. 

6.  Under nose - the spot is roughly midway between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip.

7.  Chin point – this isn’t really on the chin.  It’s mid-way between the bottom of the lower lip and the chin, in the indentation.

8.  Collarbone - located about one inch down and towards the outside of where a man would tie his tie.  An alternative is to pat the spot with the flat of a fist, with about the same pressure as you would pat a baby's back for burping.

9.  Under the arm – this is located about 4 inches below the armpit.  For ladies it’s roughly in the middle of where the bra strap comes round to the side.  For gents, it’s in line with the nipple.

10.  Rib - for men, this point is found one inch below the nipple.  For ladies, it’s just below the breast in the middle of the ribs.

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