How does it work?

How was EFT devised? 
The therapy is based on the clinical work of psychologist Dr. Roger J Callahan with its roots lying in acupuncture, psychology and kinesiology.  The therapy was devised in the United States in the mid 1990s by Gary Craig.  EFT is now spreading very rapidly in the US and in the UK, where the concept is starting to be used in some specialist areas of the NHS.

How does EFT work? 

Emerging fields of scientific understanding are starting to explain how EFT can deliver such dramatic change. Here is a brief overview of several that are vital to understanding EFT’s effectiveness:

The traditional view of the last 70 years is that the majority of our health is governed by our DNA. This takes the view that we inherit our physical features from our ancestors. In addition, we draw from our DNA our mental abilities and what diseases we are prone to etc. 
That view is being challenged by the field of epigenetics. Epigenetics provides evidence that our environment is the dominant influence on our well-being and ability to succeed in life. Environment is not simply the food and oxygen we consume, but the emotions we bathe the cells of our bodies in. Significant clinical research is showing that when we express positive emotions, we engage in behaviour at a cellular level that leads to an expression of our stress-dampening genes. 
Leading published scientists in this field are Bruce Lipton PhD, David Hamilton PhD and Dawson Church PhD.
Evolutionary Biology - the adrenaline response
Adrenaline was the saviour of our cave man ancestor. When danger reared its roaring head before our ancestors, the adrenaline response drew blood from non-urgent areas like the pre-frontal lobes, digestion, the immune system and sent it to the muscles, respiratory system and the liver to release glucose into the blood stream. It’s worth noting that the pre-frontal lobes is where many of our critical thinking abilities lie. 
When at work we are straining under any kind of mental pressure, for example, we engage in the same adrenaline response. However, we need our brains to be functioning properly in that situation. Instead, our stress response limits our ability to do well under the pressure. This can lead to poor performance in the work place, despite our best ability to work hard. 
EFT discharges the stress response easily. Most importantly it does this in the moment. So in essence, you free your body to send oxygenated blood to where is most helpful. 
If you develop this insight, you can see how many chronic illnesses like heart disease and immune system disorders are likely to be the result of the adrenaline response kicking in so frequently. When used regularly, EFT can reduce the incidence of these diseases in a preventative way as you’re limiting the damaging impact of stress on the body.

What scientific evidence is available to support the efficacy of EFT? 
You can find a number of articles, some published in clinical medical journals, providing information on the success rate of EFT in group studies by clicking here.

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