Stepping Back from Burnout

Coaching Programme for staff

Long working hours, relentless mental pressure and personal problems regularly affect health and wellbeing.  We can learn to cope with symptoms like fatigue, headaches, impatience, and irritability for a while.  Without a change in our environment, these symptoms can morph into expressions of burnout - dizziness, heart palpitations, inability to concentrate, panic attacks, insomnia, and others. 

This program is designed to help individuals deal with the potential for burnout.  We’ll use a practical approach aimed at turning around negative emotional responses into productive impactful ones.  This program is not about learning more coping mechanisms.  Instead, it is focused on transforming how an individual approaches difficult situations, whilst respecting their personal values and beliefs.

Aim of these sessions for staff

  • Identify up to 3 key areas that are affecting performance for us to work on.  
  • Through discussion, determine how stress is specifically triggered for each individual and why transforming their emotional response will lead to meaningful improvement.  
  • Reduce key negative emotional responses, so that fears and worries are neutralised.  This will allow us to create a calmer mental landscape. 
  • Develop practical strategies to cope better with stressful situations.  This will lead to a more resilient response going forward.
  • Learn the basics of a simple takeaway tool to aid in development between sessions, and going forward after the program is complete.

Suggested Program

  • 6 one-to-one 90 minute confidential coaching sessions focused on calming the individual’s response to challenging triggers.
  • In between sessions, individuals will practice simple short 5 minute routines they have learnt to sustain progress.
  • Staff will fill in simple questionnaires at the start and end of the 6 week series to evaluate the success and help establish what benefits they have gained.

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