Mental Declutter Group Coaching Programme

Removing physical clutter gives space to take decisive clear action.  Equally, releasing the burden of worried and negative thinking gives us a mental calm to greater clarity and critical thinking.

In these sessions staff will

  • Practice a simple approach that has a track record of dissolving negative emotional responses to work challenges ;
  • Uncover innovative ways to dial-down mental chatter on specific topics, e.g. worries about the future, regrets over the past, concerns about success and self esteem;
  • Cultivate a relaxation response that aids in sustaining mental clarity;
  • Learn the basics of a simple takeaway tool that sustains progress.

The Program

  • 6 weekly sessions of an hour’s length for a maximum of 10 people per group. Mixture of in person and webinar available.
  • In the first session there will be an introduction to a mindset tool used to improve acceptance and foster a clearer mindset: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). 
  • Each week staff will experience facilitation in a group session on a specific work-related theme.  Examples of what can be approached include:  stress around meeting deadlines; being overloaded with work; email overwhelm; handling difficult client interactions; the challenges of multi-tasking.  Each group will choose the topics we work on over the programme.

These sessions will be highly practical and experiential leading to inner calm.

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