Dialling Down Stress Group Session

We learn to cope with stress and so use precious mental strength to manage it.  Or, better yet, we can learn to transform experiences that we have found stressful so that we become more resilient and stay calm under fire.

Please join this session to

  • Experience how transforming negative emotional responses to stress fosters more mental calm
  • Be introduced to how releasing responses to challenging situations leads to better mental performance.

In this session staff will

  • Learn how the adrenaline response to stress can be safely diffused so that we’re less triggered in the moment;
  • Work with their breath and a stress release tool to experience calm quickly and easily
  • Gain experience in neutralising stress on a specific work memory;
  • Experience in a specific area how performance improves when we increase emotional resiliency.

This session will be highly practical and experiential, underpinned by scientific information about how the brain is hard-wired to be adaptable (neuroplasticity) and how the body thrives better as we reduce adrenaline stress response.

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