The zen of client attraction

I was thinking about the mindset to client attraction when I chanced upon this short Zen story. This mindfulness story helped me see the heart of client creation from a new angle. Here it is:

It is said that when The Buddha was first Enlightened he was asked,

"Are you a God?"

"No," he replied.

"Are you a saint?"


"Then what are you?"

And he answered, "I am awake."


Zen Morning by h.koppdelaney

Zen Morning by H. Koppdelaney

God and Saint had traditional and limiting meanings for even people of that time and culture. The Buddha didn’t want to create a sense of distance or be put on a pedestal that would hinder him from being totally alive to the people around him. That’s why he declined to be either. He wanted to be more alert to the inherent magnificence of these folk – this way he could provide powerful compassionate support to help them achieve the results they craved.

This whole idea translates to business so well. Think of a product or service you’ve bought recently that has been memorable. Then ask yourself how alive to your needs was the person behind the business.

I can tell you about a local pet food business that took on board my concerns about food we’d been buying for 2 years. My cat is very picky when it comes to her snosh. Maybe the manufacturers have heard tales of her because the flavour is called ‘Purr-nickety’. So we buy massive 7kg bags for her and she happily feasts on it. In the last batch the food had changed, and Cloe refused to eat it. The business listened, went away to do some fact-finding, and then took action by giving me a full refund. They went the whole way to be present to my needs, even offering different solutions. And so they’ve retained me as a loyal customer as they were alert to what matters to me.

The question that most business owners miss is ‘when does that alertness begin?’. Some businesses wait until a problem arises. I’ve found it pays to start even earlier.

In my work as an EFT Coach my clients know that their own outlook is key to the type of clients they attract. So we work on improving their energy and focus through tapping. In the last year we’ve also been working on how ‘alert’ they are to their customers.

I’ve been taking my clients through Business Energetics to discover this. I’ve spoken before about this powerful adaptation of EFT and Family Constellations that Paul Zelizer and I have created. In Business Energetics they get to sense the kind of clients they’re drawing to them.  Armed with valuable insights they improve their relationships before the client even shows up!

Relationship is ‘king’ in doing business. The better the working relationship, the more satisfying the outcome. This work is enabling my clients to have better business experiences than they thought possible. And improvements come so easily and quickly for them.

Paul and I are sharing how to do this for yourself in our Business Energetics Campfires Series. It’s a virtual workshop series offered via Instant Teleseminar.  You can attend from anywhere in the world and receive the audio downloads if you’re not available at the time.

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: be alive to your ideal clients’ needs before they even show up. Your business will thrive as they fall in love with your work.

Article Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011


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