The Mindset to taking EFT into Companies

The 2011 EFT Spring Gathering in Birmingham was huge fun. I love staying in touch with EFT friends and colleagues through social media. But having the space and time to talk in person is even better. I feel richer for that interaction, and appreciate learning from others.
I also love sharing my knowledge and inspiring others. During the Gathering I presented to the whole audience on the 'Mindset to taking EFT into companies'.  In truth, this is the same mindset needed to have a succesful private practice when working with individuals. During my presentation I shared material that would help all types of EFTers.  The audio from the presentation was recorded.
By now you will know through this newsletter, I’m passionate about delivering quality content in my EFT work. That was true for this presentation. I also took the audience through several EFT tapping routines on key issues. This had a significant impact on the group of more than 100 people – I could see a lot of yawning going on during the session! As you will be aware, yawning as a result of EFT usually means that people are improving their mindset and focus on that topic.
Below is the audio from my session that I welcome you to listen to – many thanks to John Bullough and Roy Martin for recording this. In this 40 minute audio you will hear:
  • Why your mindset is critical to your business success. This is true whether you’re a therapist in private practice, or an EFTer wanting to work with companies.
  • Why companies, like Google, will soon be looking for skilful EFTers to train their staff. These leading edge companies are already incorporating emotional intelligence tools in their staff training. 
  • Why desperation kills your business growth. We go through a tapping routine to start to unravel this.
  • Is EFT too weird to share? We tap to bring ease around this issue.
  • How to choose appropriate language to explain EFT to a business audience. We tap on feeling overwhelmed.
  • Why relationships are king if you want to build an EFT business.
  • The value in masterminding with a peer or coach who can help you maintain momentum in your business growth.
I hope you enjoy the audio.  Please let me know what you think of it and how it helps you.

Article Date: Mon, 30 May 2011


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