Easing Political Despair with EFT

*The contents of this page came from an online event I ran.  The experience and solutions I shared make for a powerful story of success.

In the UK and the USA it’s hard not to be disheartened by the current political situations that are in progress if you’re committed to progressive liberal policies.  Mid December the UK had a General Election where the Conservatives won on the basis of the simplistic message of ‘Get Brexit Done’.  In the US the President was impeached after attempts to deflect attention from his actions and an intense media storm around the process.  It remains to be seen when the Articles of Impeachment will be sent to the Senate in order for there to be a trial to perhaps bring his presidency to an end.

This workshop is intended to be make a dent in those disheartened feelings.  I'm referring to feelings like despair, anger, fear and worry.  I speak from experience of having got to a place which is more about calm focused thought and action, rather than reacting to the awfulness of what is going on.

Back in June 2016 I was beyond distraught when the EU referendum result came out in the UK.  My identity has felt more European than anything else.  I lived, studied and worked in France and Belgium in my 20s.  I worked as a lawyer in Brussels, and travelled back and forth regularly for work. 

That was ripped away on the back of a campaign based on lies and fantasies.  Lies about Turkey being ready to join the EU very soon.  Lies that the EU wanted to create an army that we would have to send our citizens to be part of.  The infamous lie on the side of a red bus: ‘We send the EU £350m a week, let’s fund our NHS instead’.

All I knew to do was take care of myself with EFT.  I tapped on the despair that arose.  I tapped on my fears for my future, my country and for other people caught up in this mess.  I tapped on the anger I felt at voters being manipulated and fed soundbites that played to their fears.  As I shed these contracted feelings, I found greater peace.  With that renewed energy I was able to take action that felt good for me.

In the general election held in 2019 I supported a pro-Remain candidate in my constituency - the Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper.  We had a Conservative MP who had won every election for 14 years in spite of breaking Parliamentary rules around claiming expenses as a MP.  She has been keen to Brexit in spite of her constituents voting to Remain by 63% in the referendum.  This city has never voted Lib Dem before, not even in 2017 when Daisy first ran, so it was uncertain ground. 

Canvassing with Daisy Cooper who is now MP for St Albans

I canvassed for my pro-Remain candidate along with many many others in the area.  Daisy won on a positive message!  She was one of only 2 new MPs that her party got this election, so the change is even more notable. 

The national picture is very different with the government now possessing a Parliamentary majority to take the UK out of the EU.  Nonetheless, in this election 53% of voters backed a party that offered a second referendum.  It's just the oddities of constituency borders and a First Past The Post electoral system that has brought us to this place where we are leaving the EU. 

So what do we do next?

When we dial down the despair, fear and worry we figure out where we can best put our energy into helpful action.  That action brings about change.  Without clarity we end up going round the houses, 'shouting' at people on social media who have a different view, and making very little difference. 

This group workshop is a starting point to bring emotional relief to the fears and worries you may be carrying about what has happened, and what comes next.  You’ll be doing rounds of EFT facilitated by me, and finding a way to more calmness so you can think more clearly about your strategy going forward.  You’ll be in a safe space to easily and kindly deal with what you are feeling about the politics in your country. 

We’ll work in a clearly structured way that I'll outline at the beginning of the call.  I’ve broadened the session to include the USA at the request of some of my clients based there given that the House of Representatives has approved on Articles of Impeachment against Trump. 

This workshop is ideally for those who have some past experience of EFT.  

The key benefit you’ll gain is to feel calmer about what has happened.  This will enable you to take action that you feel best serves you going forward.  This may include clarity on what further issues you wish to do EFT on.

For my part, I feel at peace with what has arisen. I don't fear the future because I believe in my ability to influence my own world and life more than any government or politician can.  I'd love to help others to find emotional relief on this topic.

Article Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2019


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