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Clearing buried "guck" that we've controlled
Posted on January 18, 2009

There's the reasonable adult in all of us that we like to present to the world as rational, calm and in control of a situation. This person keeps their composure in handling the jibes that assail us from other people's comments. We like to think we're mature enough that their insults bounce off us.

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Omitting a person or event from your life?
Posted on October 31, 2008

A question I ask all new clients as part of the initial consultation process is ‘what person or event would you omit if you could relive your life’.  It's not that we can change the past itself. However, we can neutralise the hold the past has on us. Their answer to this question tells so much about what is blocking them in achieving their goals at this point in time in their lives.  Very often their mind delivers up an event that is related and that blocks their path forward now.  Let’s examine why this could be so helpful a question to ask ourselves when working towards a goal in hand, and why releasing the negative thoughts that accompany it can deliver so much benefit.

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Releasing the tears in the way of reaching your goal
Posted on October 10, 2008

In my therapy practice my clients talk about and work therapeutically on memories and events which bring out all manner of feelings.  Everything from anger to fear to confusion comes up on the radar.  But one emotion so often gives rise to a lot of worry: sadness and the resultant tears.  And so many people worry that it’s wrong to cry.

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Why clear the negative emotions?
Posted on September 5, 2008

A question my clients often ask me is why bother resolving particular negative emotions?  They’ve been living with many of these feelings for years so why bother changing them.  It’s not been a comfortable ride can’t they just carry on stuffing them away in the lockers and hidden compartments in their minds.  What’s the harm in that?

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Which level of healing are you missing?
Posted on July 31, 2008

Ever notice how a problem you’re working on doesn’t seem to budge much?  You work at it from one angle, but the final answer seems to elude you.  Maybe by taking a few steps back we can identify what parts of the puzzle need munching on, pacman like, in order to solve it.

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