I believe in you

In times of collective difficulty, we look towards other people’s experiences to see if they can show what might lay ahead for us.  Problems with maintaining mortgage repayments, spiralling energy bills and the cost of living jumping up are regular news features we hear and read about.  They can be stern alerts to reigning in reckless spending habits.  But what if your habits have been very different and you have managed your money judiciously in recent times?  By focusing on the problems besetting those caught in the painful spotlight, do we ourselves run the risk of falling head first into a bear trap of financial woes just because that’s what we have concentrated on?  Is there some other action you you take in achieving your goals?

Divining future pitfalls by looking into a crystal ball is a hackneyed metaphor of our times, but it has a seed meaning.  The problem about looking into any reflective material, to see what is coming our way, is in determining where the source of the image is coming from.  Is it your own true self being shown to you, or is it images of the world around you?  Losing focus from your own truth may mean that you are held spellbound by the problems others are going through and you take them on as your own. 

A business colleague of mine wryly observed that when we get too focussed on other people’s problems we become petrified – turned to stone through fear.  Hypnotised into statues everything comes to a halt as we talk ourselves into inaction.  Think of how when people fall into debt they forget that talking with their debtors can offer helpful progress, but inaction can sabotage them with painful consequences. In this stagnating pause of breath being sucked in and held on to for dear life we forget that breathing in and out is how we continue the flow of life and our continuing success. 

Feel like walking a different path towards your goal than being inactive?  Then believe in yourself and your work and take appropriate inspired action.  By taking measured responsible action to help yourself you walk away from problems as you refuse to be sucked into threatening inertia. Your story can be different to that of others.  In turn it may help others find their own focus to move out of their fear.

This month’s EFT Setups are intended are intended to help you ease any fears you may have about listening to yourself in the face of so much distress others are going through. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Don't let others' fears divert you from your own focus. Choose to believe in your success and take practical inspired action towards achieving it.


Article Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008


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