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Launching Business Energetics

I'm fizzing with gentle excitement. I'm seeing people who are drawn to Business Energetics enjoying benefits in their businesses and careers.
Credit: Nicolas_T
Credit: Nicholas_T
I spoke in my last newsletter about a new tool that I've co-created with my colleague, Paul Zelizer.  We're sharing a virtual experience in early February 2011.

As you read through the page, check in with what your inner wisdom is saying about it. Hopefully you'll feel a connection to the knowledge Paul and I are sharing. I think that kind of connection is a powerful way to acknowledge what is most helpful for you in your business or career as a next step.

I worked with a client this morning doing Business Energetics. I asked her to do the same - tune into whether it felt good to do straightforward tapping or to go into a Constellation. She chose Business Energetics. We uncovered issues she'd not been able to see before.  It was so easy to clear those disruptions in her work with EFT because we'd got clarity.

There is a storehouse of rich information we're looking forward to sharing with this tool in the run up to the retreat and after. Hoping you feel some of my excitement!
You can sign up for the event at  [Link to external page expired]

Article Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011


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