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Overcoming Anxiety

Life can come in many vibrant hues.  However, anxiety and depression can leach the colour out of it. 

With anxiety we can be robbed of the full pleasure of an experience like jetting off to a far away destination, or being with new groups of people in social settings.  Language used to describe how depression sits in a person regularly involves feeling grey or black. 

At Healthy in Mind we seek to inject the colour back into day to day life whether you're suffering from anxiety issues or depression.  We do this by safely releasing the body's learned adrenaline response to perceived fears.  By resolving the underlying emotional conflicts that can leave you feeling helpless you move to a mindset of greater calm and more freedom to live your life in a normal way.  


An intense emotion like anxiety often has a strong visceral component, i.e. it's felt in the body. You can try to rationalise or distract yourself from it as much as you would like, but those strategies don't do much to diminish the core adrenaline response. If you return to the triggering topic you may well experience a similar level of anxiety, and so the cycle continues. 

In contrast, depression can often arise as a result of a series of challenging and even traumatic events in the past.  The stored stress from these experiences makes it difficult to feel happy. 

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques we release the distress that underpins our sense of feeling anxious or low.  EFT is a meridian based somatic release tool that has an impressive track record of providing permanent gentle relief.  

Take a look at this short video that describes how EFT can help with many health problems, including depression and anxiety issues.

Using EFT we deal with the symptoms that accompany depression, e.g. lethargy. We also work on the root emotional causes, e.g. particular events that distress you.  EFT regularly brings about deep peace where once there was fear, grief and other negative emotions.  The lasting relief it achieves will allow you to return to normal life.  Once we have neutralised a particular issue it is unlikely to come back to haunt you or bring you down again. 

Anxiety is a normal emotion. But when we are so anxious about a potential threat that is unlikely to happen we can be overwhelmed by it.  These can turn into panic attacks and other expressions of anxiety. In general, anxiety reactions are formed in the subconscious mind by a small organ called Amygdala, which acts like a thermostat, regulating the anxiety responses. In ordinary circumstances the Amygdala reacts when real threats are present. When it resets at a higher level because of repeated anxiety at the time of stress, anxiety disorder symptoms set in. Again with EFT, we can work on first the anxiety symptoms and then on the underlying issues that trigger the Amygdala to respond in such a way.

Sometimes depression or feelings of anxiety may be made up of a number of past events.  We systematically and carefully neutralise those negative feelings so that you’re left feeling calm about them.  You’ll retain a clear memory of the events but will no longer be sucked into a spiral of feeling miserable because of them.  You'll be free from them.

My clients tell me EFT has brought them quicker and more effective results than the traditional counselling or psychotherapy they’ve undergone before for their depression or anxiety problem. I am experienced in working with suicidal clients. 

Simple anxiety issues typically take 1 - 6 sessions.  For more complex issues including depression, dependent on the number of underlying elements, more sessions are likely to achieve a full result. Nonetheless, from the first session you're likely to experience a tangible sense of relief.

To read my cover feature article on Resolving Depression with EFT in Positive Health Magazine please click here.

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