Business and sports

Wishing you could succeed like Annika Sorenstam does on the golf course? She has an innate talent, but in all likelihood she has also nurtured it mentally to perform so successfully. I can help you cultivate the talent you have to advance in your chosen sport, be it for serious competition or for personal satisfaction.

Perhaps your goals are work oriented. You would like to meet and improve on your sales targets for this year. But something just stands in your way and the bullseye is not within your reach. Or you would like to bring your project in on time and within budget, but instead you're dogged by fears, doubts and worries that lead to procrastination-ville.

Sejual is an exceptionally talented EFT practitioner. She clearly has a real gift and her clients are fortunate to benefit from her skill. Personally, just one session with Sejual cleared my writers' block, partially by revealing aspects of the problem which I had not previously contemplated. I highly recommend the services of this talented person for anyone attempting to grapple with a real problem at work or in life.

E. Sanders

As any successful athlete or business person will tell, winning starts with the right state of mind - some people call it getting in the 'zone'. Winning a competition or performing better at your job is about your outlook from start to finish. But what's on your mind in the middle of that deal? Are you distracted by a personal problem? Is it a lack of self confidence? Perhaps at the key stroke your body is filled with tension which ruins the shot. Or it's something you just can't figure out? The less you can focus wholeheartedly on your chosen goal, the more likely it will elude you.

I can help you gently and quickly neutralise the obvious and the unknown mental and emotional snares that lie in your path to success. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques, I work to permanently and efficiently remove self-limiting beliefs and memories that are holding you back from achieving your goals. As these are released, you'll find yourself winging it all the way to the finish line.

I have worked with Sejual a number of times. The results have been very impressive. She has helped me see new opportunities in my business to both increase my income and run it with less stress. As a coach, Sejual is fun and delivers the best results of anyone I've ever worked with.

Paul Zelizer

Here are some of the career and business issues I can help with:

Here are some of the sporting issues I can help with:

  • Increasing range of motion by at least 20%
  • Completing the healing of old injuries
  • Speeding up the healing of recent injuries
  • Clearing past performance trauma
  • Eliminating sports related anxiety
  • Accomplishing mechanical changes in weeks versus months
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Breaking through comfort zones
  • Setting and easily achieving performance goals

I spent more than 5 years working in the City of London and Brussels as a successful competition law barrister. I have first hand knowledge of the challenges that exist in being successful. Armed with this insight, a healthy dash of common sense, and a measure of gentle humour, I can help you more easily achieve your goals. And the experience can also be fun! Use the Contact me form below to find out how easily you can realise your dreams.

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