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Name: C. Biermann
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Mon 28th Jan 2019

I've known Sejual since 2011 when I came for EFT coaching when I was going through a tough time in my life. She helped me process losing my mother initially to a devastating illness and letting her go in peace altogether, through to other experiences. Sejual helped me through the emotional pain and strain, and also helped me develop clarity of mindset. On a career level she has helped me deal constructively and easily with challenges that come up as a busy manager. I would recommend Sejual to anyone who finds themselves stuck either emotionally or professionally. Thank you Sejual for everything so far.

Name: David Wheatley
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Thu 30th Aug 2018

I first went to see Sejual at my wife's recommendation. I was very sceptical and had my reservations as to what Sejual could do for me. But I went with an open mind.

I have been suffering both emotionally and mentally since the death of my youngest son. He was 33 years old when he passed away. I lost him 5 years ago. I have struggled on many occasions with my emotions. I often couldn't stop myself from crying.

After the first session I felt a difference to the way I felt. Following the 3rd session I felt that my old self had returned.

I can now talk openly about my son's death. This is something I could never have done prior to my treatment with Sejual. More importantly I remember the good times when he was alive.

I would highly recommend anyone suffering with emotional or mental stress to visit Sejual and give her the opportunity to help you.

Name: Heather Denny
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Tue 20th Feb 2018

Thanks again for today's EFT Online Supervision session. I may well sign up for more of them, irrespective of AAMET requirements. Your sessions are cleansing, nourishing and uplifting. Thank you!

Name: Teresa Baltzell
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
When: Mon 12th Jun 2017

I am an licensed acupuncturist and have been using basic EFT for a few years with my patients and myself. The EFT Level 1 course with Sejual was eye-opening. Her open approach and style of teaching helped pass on the core principles of EFT. She showed an ability to guide with no judgement and supported our learning with love and a kind presence. She deepened my understanding of holding space and allowing. I was delighted to participate in this course and look forward to having additional training with Sejual.

Name: Jeanne Supin
Location: Boone, North Carolina, USA
When: Tue 30th May 2017

I hosted an excellent EFT Level 1 workshop in North Carolina taught by Sejual Shah, attended by licensed health professionals. Coordination and pre-event planning went exceptionally smoothly, with Sejual providing all the necessary information to ensure successful marketing. The workshop itself was one of the best of its kind I've ever attended. She is clearly a master EFT practitioner and trainer. She offered a wealth of information about EFT's history, value, efficacy, and processes. She included ample time for clear demonstrations, practice, and meaningful learning feedback. She answered attendees questions with great depth. Her passion and enthusiasm for EFT is also infectious, and all the attendees later have reported they successfully use the knowledge and skills Sejual taught them. I highly recommend Sejual's courses for anyone hoping to understand and use EFT.

I interviewed Sejual Shah for a continuing education training series I hosted. During our video interview Sejual explained EFT with great clarity and depth. She then did an unrehearsed EFT demonstration with me and cleared anxiousness I felt after a recent troubling episode. The experience was astounding! Effortless, deep, and thorough. Sejual is exceptionally skilled as an EFT practitioner and as a trainer. I highly recommend her to anyone for personal or professional transformations!

Name: Rebecca Gummere
Location: North Carolina, USA
When: Thu 4th Aug 2016

I'm a writer who has had some issues lately, a long frustrating dry spell. Yesterday evening Sejual did some EFT with me (first time for me). Afterward I felt a bit of release, less anxiety about my writing concerns. It was nice to be supported in just letting go a little.

Then last night I had one of those Jungian "Big Dreams" (actually, it was Enormous!), disturbing and clarifying all at once. This morning I have a deep sense of peace that things are shifting as they ought.

I am grateful for Sejual's quiet respectful presence. She used her deep intuition to guide me deeper, all the while exuding compassion. Anyone working with her will know that someone who cares for you is right there by your side. Lovely.

Thank you, Sejual!

Name: Sue
Location: Befordshire
When: Mon 16th May 2016

I went to Sejual to study for Reiki Level 1 to try to alleviate my chronic migraines. At the end of the first day, the headache had subsided remarkably from around a pain level of 7/10 to 4/10. I was amazed at the heat I could feel through my hands as the Reiki flowed through me. I have practiced Reiki every day since then and have found that, not only have my headaches been less severe, but I am also more calm and relaxed.

What I had not expected, however, was that Sejual would also be looking at me as a whole, not just teaching me Reiki. Within about an hour of arriving, she had me blubbering in a corner - apparently, this is not unusual for Sejual, she often taps hidden emotional blocks and helps release them, gently, sensitively and tactfully, and always only with your permission. This gentle, sensitive, respectful approach is what Sejual is all about - she is a wonderful person. I have continued to work on my problems, as suggested by Sejual, and am making slow but positive progress. If you are looking to improve your life, whether your issue is health, confidence or emotional, Sejual is the woman for you.

Having said that, don't think she doesn't have a wicked sense of fun!

Name: D.V.
Location: Watford, Hertfordshire
When: Wed 21st Oct 2015

I have been using Sejual's professional help to positively face challenges or eliminate blocks to reaching goals for more than 7 years. She has helped me in clearing past traumas, as well as physical pain.

Together we have used EFT on fears or worry regarding important upcoming events, like the visit of a family member and healing that difficult relationship, a birthday party which could have been ruined but ended up a big success, finding the right house during an exhausting house hunt, preparing for formal meetings and dealing with difficult interpersonal relationships, and preparing for childbirth.

My children too have benefited from Sejual's help for issues like difficult changes of circumstances (new area, new school), biting nails, infant constipation, traumatic dental work, issues with school work.

For me, a recent highlight was the session which looked at blocks to finding the right house during a house hunt. One of the 'side effects' of that session was the unexpected healing of a persistent internal bleeding. After the session I was overcome with confidence that we are going to find our way to the house that ticks our boxes. Sometime afterwards, I received a surprise phone call from somebody who happened to know what we needed. And so, the right house found us!

I have felt supported and empowered by Sejual's high professional EFT skills, as well as her loving and compassionate approach, and, add to that a generous pinch of humour! In the course of time, I have also grown confident in using EFT for dealing with minor or 'medium' issues by myself.

Name: JP
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Tue 1st Sep 2015

I was referred to Sejual for EFT. I have tried psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in the past but the first taught me to over-analyse in my head without releasing emotions; the latter tried to make me let go of everything without offering an alternative, positive replacement.

Sejual quickly put me at ease. All my sessions were happy and relaxed in a peaceful, welcoming environment. Generally I do not like physical contact but chose to allow Sejual to tap on me and it was fine. I followed an intensive course of EFT over a number months. Sejual's gentle, intuitive approach allowed me to remain in control whilst working on and releasing deep-rooted childhood trauma. She frequently picked up on issues/emotions that I had repressed so long I was not consciously aware of them. Learning the tapping technique allowed me to continue working on things on my own.

The process was emotionally painful but never overwhelming as Sejual ensured I went at my own pace and only dealt with issues when I was ready to. I knew I could call her or email her if a difficult issue cropped up in-between sessions and I was stuck. Sejual was able to get to the heart of the block and suggest words or a phrase to incorporate into my tapping.

Those closest to me have noticed a real difference in me - more relaxed, more myself - and my physical health has improved as well. I highly recommend Sejual to anyone wishing to improve their overall well-being.

Name: Jane Houghton
Location: London
When: Fri 15th May 2015

What a wonderful experience having coaching with Sejual. I had an amazing journey of self discovery over the 2 days and learned so much about myself. Sejual has a beautiful energy and a wonderful way of imparting her extensive knowledge. I had a wonderful time and looking to continuing my journey of self discovery.

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