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Easing Fears of a Recession with EFT

An online group session


Location : Online

Fri 29 May 2020 4pm - 5:30pm UK

Cost: £20


What’s this event? 

Take part in a transformational online group session to ease fears you may have about a global economic recession affecting you. There is the start of talk about how bad our global economy will be as countries start to come out of lockdowns. Going into shelter at home was a response taken by many countries as the Corona Virus spread around the world. Coming out of that measure is now bringing up fears about how our industries and jobs that depend on them will suffer going forward.

This session is to start addressing those fears so that you can foster a more positive outlook. This way your experience is less framed by fear and more your potential of what you wish to see happening.

You can orient your world to improving. You're then also in a position to support others in their transformation. When even a small group of people transform their energy and outlook, their influence is far reaching to inspire others into helpful practical action.

Perhaps this global event is an opportunity to reset our experiences in this world so that many more people can thrive than was possible under the old system we lived in pre-pandemic?


Different countries are at individual points in handling their response to the Corona Virus. Globally we have a full spectrum of the cycle of the pandemic. It ranges from just starting for some countries in Africa. The mid-way with being in lockdown in a large swathe of the world. And the tail end of exploring coming out of lockdown or restarting economic activity in China and parts of Europe.

Many are now expecting a severe economic shock. This workshop is to ease any expectations you may have around that happening first for yourself, then your loved ones, and beyond. When we change ourselves we allow for a better, kinder and more resilient world.

In this challenging time I've worked on my own energy and had my business grow easily and with much satisfaction. This is the mindset I want to help you foster. When you find your own inner calm and connect to what strengthens you then your world flows to support you.

I'll work with you using EFT as a group to help you move to a kinder worldview with more ease. You'll need some previous experience of EFT working for you to take part.

*Please wash your hands carefully before joining to tap on your face*

The call will be recorded.  If you’re not able to make it live, you can still participate from the recording so long as you’ve signed up for it in advance.

This is our time to change our thinking on this topic to bring in a better world. 

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