Surrendering to the best outcome

If you are focussed on achieving your goal, letting go for the result to come to fruition can be the last thing you allow yourself to do. After all, you're meant to stay on top of it and make sure it happens
. . . aren't you?

Where you have spent time, effort and focus on keeping up your motivation to achieve your goal the last thing you may want to do is hand over the reins to someone else. High achievers often take personal responsibility for their work and results and are good at taking inspired action. So giving up control to something we believe in [God, the Universe, insert what you believe in] can feel at odds with what you have been doing to date.

Doing so raises questions of trust. Will 'they' know what I really want. Will 'they' give me what I truly seek? Letting go also raises questions about the outcome. What if I need to take further action?

Surrendering to a higher belief, where you have taken appropriate inspired action and worked on healing all that you reasonably can, is a powerful tool in realising your goal. It is the act of knowing that whatever is coming will be for your best. It is the act of knowing that you are allowing yourself to grow in better ways than you can have imagined. In effect, it avoids falling into the trap of holding onto beliefs that may have limited you in what you could have.

For example, my partner and I have been working on a personal property issue for the last two years. I've learnt a lot and healed a lot in that time. But we weren't getting any further towards our final goal. Frustrated with the situation I used an energy medicine tool called Tapas Accupressure Technique in powerful group work and let go of my need to control the situation.

Things initally got worse - or so it seemed. A few days after letting go we found we would have to move from where we live. I didn't want to do this.

After the decision to move, we found out that a property developer has bought a plot of land behind our old home. The land had been home to 15 or more very old trees . We had looked out onto a beautiful calm canopy of green with a resident woodpecker, bats and squirells. The trees were felled in the days following our decision to move. This is to make way for 4 new houses in a cramped space.

In contrast we quickly found a better house to live in that ticked virtually all the boxes of what we had been looking for. We will also pay less for it than at present. Surrendering to the best outcome for us meant that we were able to move safely and find a better house locally than we had been living in. Surrendering can bring greater rewards than you might have allowed yourself to have.

Where you've healed issues in yourself and are still not seeing the results, I suggest letting go of the need to control and allowing your highest good to come in. This month’s EFT Setups are designed to help overcome any resistance you may be feeling to letting go of the need to control. 

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: Energy work and inspired action are only part of the equation to goal success. Peaceful acceptance, or surrending to your highest good, may be needed to realise the goal.


Article Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008


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