Releasing swine flu fears

Clients, friends and people I connect with online on forums have started wondering how to look after their health this autumn given all the fear messages being repeated in the media.

Ever since swine flu has been given a pandemic rating by the World Health Organisation, we have seen hysteria in some parts of the mainstream press as to what could happen – the number of people who will die, the groups at severe risk and how flu pandemics have lost millions of lives in the last century. I’ve also heard many fear they will be forced to receive an immunisation with the release of the swine flu vaccine. They fear they will lose their right to choose what is right for their health by over-zealous people in authority.

Feeling caught up in a culture of fear is not going to help your health. Stress caused by fear and worry about what could happen are known to dampen your immune system. In a 2004 study published by American Psychological Association, long-term stress was found to cause excessive wear on the body and also activated a deterioration of the immune system. Researchers also discovered the longer the duration of stress or perceived length of the stress, the less the body's ability to adapt to the stressful situation. Your immune system is the very part of your body you need to work well to protect you and fight off infection, like the flu.

Here are my suggestions to help reduce the stress levels around this subject and so keep you on track towards your goal of good health for you and your loved ones.

  • Read this article by Dr Mercola MD. His online site is a store of well-researched practical information on how to best manage your physical health in relation to swine flu. He speaks from an evidenced perspective about how severe the effects of this pandemic are. Near the end he also provides straightforward natural health advice on how to support your immune system.
  • Tap through your fears using EFT. Try this month’s EFT routine which are focused on releasing fears regarding the flu. By neutralising the worries you have using EFT you will be easing the pressure felt by your immune system.
  • If you decide to be vaccinated or use anti-viral medicines, you can still use EFT to minimise or overcome any side-effects you may experience. A recent client was prescribed Tamiflu for normal flu a couple of months ago. As a result of the medication he found old symptoms of depression resurfacing and not leaving him. This symptom was not described as a possible side effect of taking the drug. In one session we tapped on and resolved all the tiredness and negative feelings that had been coming up leaving him able to give his complete focus to his work.
  • Spend 5 minutes every morning thinking about you’re your body looking and feeling healthy over through the day and over the flu season. This will help boost your immune system.

The Healthy in Mind viewpoint: release stress from your mind and body to support your immune system to feel at ease in managing any attacks on it.

Article Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009


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