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Keeping the flame burning whilst running the long race

Some of our goals take more than a few weeks to arrive.  They require elaborate advance preparation, skilful inspired action and then some more time to mature.  If we’ve done the planning and taken reasonable steps towards “Central Station Finishing Line” what do we then do?  Patience is sometimes required.

I can do patient.  But my version isn’t pretty.  I sit still with gritted teeth and aching face muscles waiting for the train to come in.   Problem is that my tense keenness has the effect of distracting me from enjoying what I expect to come along.  I instead end up spending my time thinking how uncomfortable I am which means I’m no longer focussed on realising my dream.  Tiredness and frustration set in, and so I lose the clarity I had about what I want.  I end up getting in my way, and delay bringing the train in safely and on time. 

Then there’s the testy irritated version of doing patience as well.  It has the same effect of winding us up, and sending the lens of our concentration out of focus.  In that state of mind, how can we be ready to engage in any new preparation that comes up, or take further action to direct the train onto the right set of tracks when it comes up to a junction? 

So now whenever I find myself needing to wait I look for an alternative perspective to help me refine my work.  Can I see my strategy from a different angle that will help me bring the goal in more quickly?  How can I have fun whilst doing this?  I might even learn something new about the goal in the process, either about me or about how to live my life better. 

Here are few ways in which to find a different perspective to keep the goal alive and your mind focussed on what you’re building. 

  • Meditate – giving your mind the freedom to sit still away from the constant data we're deluged with can allow it to recharge.  By generating a peaceful state and relaxing a little you can generate more productive thinking.  And with that peace of mind, you’re allowing new possibilities to come in and the potential to reignite your determination.  This month's free audio meditation is aimed at rekindling the passion for a long term goal.
  • Go to a place you’ve never visited before – absorbing the feel of a new location can inspire you in new ways.  The unfamiliarity of exploring somewhere new can open up the senses so that you’re feeling more alive than before. 
  • Try a creative pastime like sketching, or playing an instrument that allows you to develop the right hemisphere of your mind.  This is the intuitive part of your mind that leaps to new levels and brings in new possibilities.  By expressing the part of you that gets lost in everyday logical living you’re opening up to new growth opportunities and using more of your mind than you allow yourself to.  At the least you’ll be empowering the creative solution maker within you. 

Whatever you choose to capture that sense of aliveness, give yourself permission for it to be fun – that will generate the most rewards. 


Article Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007


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