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Welcome to my testimonials page. Here you can read comments from my clients. Or I'd be delighted to hear from you and receive feedback on the services my business has provided.

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Name: Linda Lipinski
Location: North London
When: Wed 22nd Oct 2014

I attended a Business Energetics workshop with Sejual Shah in July this year. I am an artist and sculptor who exhibits regularly and had been thinking about the possibility of having my first professional solo exhibition.

The process for things moving in my business started as soon as I decided to attend, having had a discussion with Sejual in beautiful bluebell woods.

For example, I found it easy to tip toe into social media. Before the workshop I attended a social media course and found I was becoming fairly confident in marketing myself.

The Business Energetics workshop was run very professionally by Sejual. She was present and there for me throughout. Through tapping and looking into my past I uncovered many things I had been hiding from myself. I feel the course gave me my confidence to go forward and make the decision to have my solo exhibition which happened 8 weeks later. It was a very successful exhibition!

Name: Penny Shapland-Chew
Location: St Albans, Herts
When: Fri 10th Oct 2014

I first met Sejual when I went to her to train in Emotional Freedom Technique. I found her calm and empathic as well as an incisive thinker and in addition to being her student, I also became her client. Sejual has been with me on a journey and at the end, I find myself equipped to manage any residual aspects of my own issues as well as to help others find greater peace with theirs.

Name: Martina Foreman
Location: Enfield, London
When: Wed 3rd Sep 2014

Sejual has boosted my self-esteem and self-worth in business by working one-to-one with me using her business energetics methods. I have found that it was easy to release blocks and stress around having my own business during the sessions. Sejual has a very calm and knowing presence which works very well for me. I highly recommend Sejual for all circumstances where deep behavioural change and improved performance is required.

Name: Molly R
Location: Harpenden
When: Mon 21st Jul 2014

I went to see Sejual as I was experiencing lots of anxiety and physical pain after major back surgery many months ago. My body was physically recovering with physio and medical help, but I was feeling a lot of pain and I was upset.

With Sejualís help, after 6 sessions of EFT, I was able to go on holiday abroad and I had a fantastic time! We did encounter traffic on the car journey to the airport - gridlock!. I felt my neck begin to flare up so I started tapping, as she had taught me, and it calmed down immediately. The rest of the journey was easy! And the next day when I woke up in Santorini I felt absolutely fine. I had a few flare ups in my neck throughout the week but nothing horrible and they didn't stay for long because I was able to remain calm and not worry about it!

I don't think my holiday would have gone so smoothly without her help. A few weeks before seeing her I was really worried and wasn't sure if I could even manage it. But, with Sejual I learnt how powerful my mind is. I overcame physical pain by remaining calm. At points in my holiday I felt normal! I wasn't even thinking about my neck or back. Thank you so much, Sejual, for helping me. I can't even properly put into words how grateful I am.

Name: Jane and Paul
Location: Potters Bar
When: Thu 29th May 2014

We both thought the Reiki 1 course was fantastic and did not want it to end. The whole atmosphere in the room with yourself and the third student was so nice and relaxing. Thank you for introducing us to Reiki and Universal energy. We are really enjoying the self healing and meditation and can't wait to share it with our friends and family. The day after the course I (Jane) hurt my leg getting off Paulís bike in Ely. He gave me some Reiki when we got back. The bruise has hardly come out at all!! We are soo looking forward to completing Reiki 2 with you, when we are all ready!

Name: Ralph Lewis
Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire
When: Thu 22nd May 2014

I first worked with Sejual at her Business Energetics workshop two years ago in Birmingham at The EFT Spring Gathering. I thought then and even more so what a great session it was and how skilled (and more importantly empathetic) Sejual is! My work space that emerged was an African hut - given I was born in Uganda and left as a child that wasn't surprising but I hadn't been back for forty years and never expected to! So out of the blue in November 2012 I got through a friend an invitation to do some leadership training for a charity in Uganda -strengthening health clinics in the bush. I have just returned from my fourth visit to Uganda with my wife and absolutely love working with the Ugandans on many, many levels. Also of course I visited my childhood home and school in Jinja (the source of the Nile!) I never expected this to happen and yet it emerged through the BE workshop so be careful - miracles might happen!! And thank you a million times Sejual

Name: June Cory
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Sun 4th May 2014

I had a family issue which was taking its toil mentally and emotionally, impacting on my work life and I was struggling to cope. Whilst open-minded to coaching I was a little cynic about what could be achieved by a complete stranger when the subject matter was so complex and personal but after just two session with Sejual I was able to made some necessary decisions based on logic as the work we did had diffused all the emotional 'noise'. Highly recommended

Name: Amanda Wright
Location: UK
When: Wed 9th Oct 2013

Sejual had a calm and gentle manner and is very skilled in her field. I would happily recommend her to others.

Name: Carolyn Pearson
Location: Leeds
When: Mon 19th Aug 2013

I have worked with Sejual on a number of occasions and always find her to be an intuitive, inspirational and thought provoking coach. The sessions are impeccably planned in such a way that whilst we always achieve our objectives we have lot of time to explore new concepts, creatively along the way. Always a mind-opener.

Name: Ruth Shepherd
Location: Bourne Leisure Ltd and Butlins, Hemel Hempstead
When: Wed 7th Aug 2013

Sejual supported us with a team development day to bring a new way of thinking to a small team of leaders. This was a new venture for us, using EFT to support leaders and it was a great success.

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